We Both Can't Be Bae 2(9)

By: Twyla T

Chapter 3

Christmas Day

The weeks were flying by and Cameron was healing pretty well. She still couldn’t believe all of the things that had been going on in her life. If anyone would have told her that she would have ran her car through one of Malcolm’s hoes house, caught him cheating time after time; even with a white bitch, and almost lost her life at the hands of her own husband, more times than one, she would have called them a bald-face liar. She didn’t trust him after he had forced her to take a ride with him by pulling a gun on her, but she just couldn’t get away from him no matter how she tried. Visions of various scenarios had overtaken her mind countless times and none of them ended well. She had been through so much and honestly, she was always expecting the worse now.

Cameron really missed her job and was planning to return to work right after the New Year rolled in. She was ready to go back like yesterday. Having an understanding boss was an added bonus, and for that she was very thankful. The thought of looking for a new job became dreadful because she just knew that she was going to lose her job after Malcolm pulled that jumping out of the damn bushes stunt on her, trying to catch her cheating. To this day, he still has no idea just how close to catching her he really was. Her poor coworker was scared to death when Malcolm jumped on the hood and screamed “GOTCHA!” Her boss was nice enough to only give her a warning and she would be forever grateful for that.

Cameron was back at home and expecting Malcolm at any moment now. She had just gotten up to put all of Kingston’s gifts under the tree. Yesterday was the day she finally decided to go back home. She really appreciated her parents taking care of her, but felt it would be exciting for Kingston to sleep in his own bed on Christmas Eve and wake up to his gifts. Her dad was really the one who put that thought in her head and convinced her to go on home. She still couldn’t understand why he took up for Malcolm so much after he almost killed her. He wanted to kill Malcolm himself just a few weeks ago, but he encouraged her to go home for Kingston. Malcolm was so happy to know that she was going home, like he was there waiting. Cameron picked up her phone and started thinking about Keith. That close call at her parent’s house wasn’t enough to keep him away. Three more trips to her parent’s house had been made by him and she had also made her way to his house last week. They made love the whole day. Keith was very gentle with her body and she was in heaven. She smiled at the thoughts from that day. She had to sneak away while her parents were gone because they would have had a fit if they had known she had taken one of their cars and was driving.

Just as Cameron was about to dial Keith’s number, she heard Malcolm pulling up outside. She opted to send him a quick text instead. It was only two o’clock and she didn’t plan on waking Kingston up until about six or seven o’clock, so she went and hopped in bed, pretending to be sleep and hoping that Malcolm would leave her the hell alone. “Hey honey,” he said when he walked into the room. He undressed at lightning speed, hopped into bed, and threw his arms around her. “I know you not sleep, you just got done texting somebody,” he mumbled. Cameron’s back was turned to him, but her eyes popped opened when he said that, wondering how in the hell he knew that she had just sent someone a text. She fought the urge to say something to him; pretending to really be asleep is what she chose to do. Being bothered with him was just something she didn’t care to deal with. I really wish we could just go our separate ways with no hard feelings, she thought to herself. “I’m not living without you and you damn sure ain’t living without me and with another nigga,” rang in her head and she sighed deeply.

Malcolm put his arm around her and pulled her body into his. She scooted away from him and mumbled that she was tired. “I guess I gotta make an appointment to screw my wife?” Malcolm said.

“Since you put it that way, I guess so,” Cameron said while scooting farther away from him. Malcolm hopped up out of the bed and stormed into Kingston’s room, all while mumbling under his breath.

When Cameron woke up it was 7:35 and she heard Kingston already opening his gifts. “I know that black motherfucker didn’t let my baby start opening his gifts without waking me up,” Cameron said while putting her robe on and heading to the front.

“Mommy, mommy look what Santa brought me,” Kingston said excitedly while showing Cameron his toys when she made it to the front. Cameron smiled as she watched Kingston so happily playing with his gifts. She grabbed the camcorder and started recording, purposely leaving Malcolm out. She was pissed that he would let Kingston start opening gifts without waking her up or recording the special moment.

Once Kingston was pretty much done opening his presents, Cameron went into the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. She cooked grits, bacon, eggs, sausage, and homemade biscuits. After she was done, she fixed everyone a plate and sat them on the table. While she was pouring the juice, a thought popped into her mind. She grabbed the milk of magnesia out of the cabinet and mixed some with Malcolm’s juice. That just might be enough to keep him on the toilet and out of my way today, Cameron thought to herself while smiling. Luckily, her back was to the camera in the kitchen and Malcolm wouldn’t be able to see what she had done.

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