What The Heart Wants

By: Miss Candice

An Urban Love Story

Big thanks to my amazingly supportive fiancé, Julius Persail, for helping me create ‘Khalil’. And for all of the super creative and bomb ideas you give me.

I truly appreciate you and hope you enjoy what I’ve done with this one.

I love you.


“Pass the blunt, ‘Lil. Fuck you doing my nigga?” I heard someone yell over the music.

“Shiiit!” I yelled as the blunt burnt a hole through my True Religion jeans. I flicked it off me to the floor before it could burn my skin.

“That nigga too fucking zooted.” I heard someone else say.

I decided to let that remark slide. Mainly because I was too fried to say anything. The shit I was on was starting to come into effect. I leaned back on the soft leather couch and laid my head back face to the ceiling. Except, my eyes were closed behind the dark tinted Ray Bans I wore.

There was a party around me. I was there, obviously. However, mentally, I was elsewhere. On a fucking trip, cruising through the clouds with no plane. Nigga, I was soaring through the sky like an eagle. There were bitches in the section with us, smoking up our shit, drinking on our liq. However, I didn’t give a fuck. Nah, not like I did when we first got here. I didn’t give a shit about anything but the numbness succumbing my body. Could’ve been the Xanny I popped a minute ago? Could’ve been the official ass trees I just smoked. Could’ve been the D’usse. Hell, it could’ve been a lot of things. Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered, except this dog ass high I was on. Well, that was until I heard his name.

“Ayo, ain’t that Rick over there?” I heard one of my niggas yell over the music.

“Shhh.” Another one of them said. “Don’t mention that niggas name right now. You gon’ set this nigga Khalil off, bro.”

Too late. Too fucking late.

I sat up straight and snatched my shades off. Said goodbye to the clouds I was soaring through, goodbye to the numbness, and goodbye to the hood rat bitches in the VIP with us. As a matter of fact, I sent them bitches out of the club.

“Get out.” I said to the big booty dark skin bitch trying to rub up on me.

My nigga Farrakhan sucked his teeth, “See what you did Vinnie? Got damn!”

She stood up, “Okay, ‘Lil I see—

“As a matter of fact, get the fuck out of my club.”


I shot her a look so cold, she didn’t have any choice but to close her mouth. Ghetto booty broad grabbed her knock-off Chanel bag, her girls, and exited the club like I told her to do. I stood up to get a better view of the club. The VIP section was on top, overlooking the entire place. I walked over to the railing and placed my hands on it, glaring down into the crowd of people. Like a hungry Lion, seeking out prey, I spotted Rick standing at the bar waving stacks of money, being rude to the nice young bartender I hired two nights ago.

I walked away from the railing and jogged down the stairs without mentioning one word to my right-hand man Jah. But as expected, my niggas were right behind me. Nagging in my ear about keeping cool. Reminding me of the hundreds of people – hundreds of potential witnesses that is – in attendance.

“This nigga just popped a Xanax a minute ago. Now he’s on some Incredible Hulk shit, B.” said my cousin, Tone in his thick New York accent

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the fuck I was on. Knowing Rick was trying to party in my spot sobered me up really quick. Blew my fucking high. And I hated all things that got in the way of that.

“Clear this bitch out.” I said to the DJ just as I walked up to the DJ booth.

He took his Beats by Dre headphones off and yelled asking me what I said while bobbing his head to the Future track booming from the speakers.

“Clear it out… NOW!”

He flinched when I yelled, dropping his headphones as a result of that. He quickly picked them up, and stopped the music.

“Yo, Yo… party’s over!” He yelled over the microphone.

I walked off, mobbing in the direction of Rick who, unlike the other partygoers that were told to get out of the club, was still standing at the bar trying to get a drink.

“Fuck you then, you nappy headed, lopsided booty bitch!” He yelled to the bartender before throwing a stack of money at her.

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