Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(10)

By: Mercedes Hart

‘It’s not about money now, Jason. I like to keep myself occupied. You have been taking care of this house from the last few months. I am grateful to you for….’

Jason put his finger on her lips and said, ‘You don’t need to be grateful for anything. I do everything for you because I feel my right on you. However, if you still want to work, you can join me in my office anytime. If you want to work independently, that’s your call. But, you can’t refuse to be with me anymore. And, that’s an order now’

She smiled at him and agreed to his offer, ‘Okay, Jason sweetheart, I will come with you. But, can I please take some time to wind up some things in this house?’

‘Yes!!!’ Jason jumped in sheer joy and lifted Gracie up in his arms. As he whirled her around in the hall, she shouted and laughed with pleasure.

‘Oh my God, Jason…put me down!’ she exclaimed.

Jason stopped but he refused to put her down, ‘You don’t know, Gracie, what you have given to me today. It had been a lonely life by now. Now, I have you with me. I can’t tell you how blissful I feel right now’

He kissed her on her lips while holding her in his arms and then took her to the couch.

She lay on the couch as she saw him taking off his shirt.

She exclaimed, ‘Wait, Jason. I need to discuss a few things with you’

He lay beside her and looked at the mark on her neck he had given her the last night, ‘tell me. I am open to whatever you say’

‘I have been in the confused state of mind from after I came home. We have a different kind of physical relationship and I am scared I might not be able to comply with your needs, or rather orders all the time. I might disappoint you at some point in time. The equipment of pleasure and pain in your house scared me away’

‘Listen, it’s true that I have been in this lifestyle of physical relationships from a very long time. But, tell me honestly, did I hurt you?’

She shook her head.

‘Then you don’t have to worry at all. I can never hurt you even if I want to. We will do those acts only when you want to. And if you still feel scared, I will quit those things for you. I am happy with you just like that. When I can stay with you sipping wine in your house for months and still not touch you, you can imagine that only your companionship can make me happy. I don’t want to hurt your feelings or your body though I don’t mind those little blue and red marks on your boobies’, he grinned and jumped onto her, ‘Are you satisfied now?’

Gracie nodded her head in joy and gave Jason a wide smile, ‘I love you more than anything on Earth. Now even I can’t wait to be with you at your house’

‘When you will be there, it is going to be our home!’

He kissed her fervently as he lay on to her body and they both indulged in the ecstasy of lovemaking in the twilight.



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The Unexpected Surprise

BWWM Billionaire Pregnancy Romance

By: Mercedes Hart

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The Unexpected Surprise

“You know, if it’s that bad, you could always leave him.”

“Cher, you are crazy. I don’t care how bad things are, they could always be worse. Besides, I don’t want to raise Jerome in a broken home. There’s no excuse for that.”

“Mila, really, how do think raising him in a home with no love between his parents is not a broken home? Do you really think he can’t tell? And even if he can’t see it now, that won’t last. He will eventually notice and then he will think it’s normal because it’s the way his parents were. Is that what you want? Him to marry someone for all the wrong reasons just because his parents taught him it was how it’s supposed to be?”

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