Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(2)

By: Mercedes Hart

She rose quickly and kept it in the closet, settled her clothes and ran to the door.

‘I am so sorry. I had fallen asleep after you left’, she apologized to Cleve.

‘I have been standing there for so long Gracie. Be careful next time. You know that I do not carry the house keys with me’, he scowled at her.

‘Is everything all right? You don’t seem fine. Shall I get you a glass of water?’

‘No. Make me a drink instead. Make two instead. I have news to share with you’, he smiled at her.

‘Wow! That sounds great. I’ll just be back in seconds’

Cleve rested his feet on the table in front of the couch. He looked at the shoes and decided to not let his beloved complain today. He removed his shoes and socks, kept them neatly aside and turned on the TV. Hayley Williams from Paramore was singing,

“Can't count the years on one hand

That we've been together

I need the other one to hold you

Make you feel, make you feel better…

It's not a walk in the park

To love each other

But when our fingers interlock,

Can't deny, can't deny you're worth it

Cause, after all, this time, I'm still into you…

I should be over all the butterflies

But I'm into you (I'm into you)

And baby even on our worst nights

I'm into you”

‘I can sense that you something great to share’, Gracie came with two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. She had saved this wine for a good occasion and she wanted to have a brilliant evening with Cleve that day, ‘the glitter in your eyes gives me a good feeling. Come on; tell me quickly what it is. I can’t wait any longer’

‘Sit here with me’, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and they clinked their glasses, ‘You have always been lucky for me, Gracie. I met a billionaire today at Hardy’s. His name is Jason Brooks. He overheard me talking to Ethan about leaving this place and looking for an alternative profession. After a while, he sent his man to me and asked me to meet in his cabin. I am sure he must have enquired about me in the meanwhile and then sent for me. Anyways, he offered me a job to be his muscle whenever he travels around.

It is a good opportunity Gracie. I can’t say that he can be fully trusted because I could see something fishy in eyes. But still, I feel that this can be a good opportunity for both of us. We can leave this place forever sweetheart and the goons of Connor will not be able to locate us’

Gracie jumped with joy and hugged him tightly, ‘After you left, I had been thinking about all this and I had a strong feeling that God will definitely listen to us soon. It is indeed great news, Cleve. But, where does he live?’

‘He lives in Seattle. We will also have to move to Washington. I could not wait to say yes to his offer. But, I resisted myself and told him that I need some time to take the final call,’ he grinned at Gracie.

‘You always have something dirty running in there,’ she put her finger on his head and gave him a smile that turned him on.

‘Don’t you seduce me now you dirty kitten. Otherwise, I will eat you right now!’, he jumped to grab her but she stopped him.

‘Wait! First of all tell me, how are we going to move to Washington? Seattle is an expensive city. How are we going to manage everything there?’

‘Mr. Brooks said he will provide me with a service apartment for 3 months and then we can look for something on our own. Isn’t it great? 3 months’ trial is good enough to taste a new city’

‘Are you sure you want to do this? Is he good enough to be trusted that we should leave everything here and go after him as he says?’

‘We have to play this gamble, Gracie, if we want to get out of this hood. If the job with Mr. Brooks does not work out, we can look for something else. At least, our expenses will be taken care of for 3 months in Seattle. We will figure out something. Trust me’, Cleve held her hand and looked into her eyes.

‘I am with you, Cleve. I trust you. Let’s do it. You can affirm Mr. Brooks that you are ready to join’, Gracie looked positively into his eyes.

‘Turn on the music my love, I want to dance today with you’, he started singing ‘I'm into you, I'm into you, I'm into you…!’

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