Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(3)

By: Mercedes Hart

‘No…this can’t be true’, she shouted into the phone, ‘You are lying to me!’ she sat on her bed, devastated as she disconnected the call.

‘Cleve can’t leave me like that. No, I have to talk to him. I must talk to him’, she told herself.

Gracie called back the number she had received the last call from. A man with husky voice answered, ‘Hello, Gracie this side. I want to talk to Cleve, right now!’

‘Ma’am, how can you talk to Cleve when he is dead? I have already told you that he died in a shootout at Highlands Bar. We could not save him. Mr. Brooks has asked you to come over and collect your payments. I am sorry Ms. Adams, but Mr. Sanders is no more!’ he disconnected the call.

She tried to recollect her senses while she heard the news again. She could not believe her destiny. Just 6 weeks had passed in Washington and she had lost her world. The love of her life had gone away forever. She was left all alone in this world, with no one to be called her own. While planning a happy married life with Cleve, Gracie had never even thought in her rarest of dreams that Cleve would leave her like that and she would be left devastated in a new city, a whole new world- the beginning of which itself had been so heartbreaking.

It was 11:30 at night and the humidity in Seattle was at its all-time high. She had been sweating badly after she received the call from Jason’s man. She rested against the wall with white shining paint and looked at her house. They had been given this beautiful apartment by Jason Brooks. She clearly remembered Jason saying that he would make a house like this one day for her and she had promised to help him.

All their dreams and plans were shattered with just one call. She wiped off her tears and decided to go to Mr. Brooks. She could not stop herself from abusing that bastard but he was the only man that she could look up to in Seattle. She called back on the same number again and asked for time to meet her boyfriend’s boss.

‘Okay, I will be there at 4 pm’, she put down the phone, but could not stop her tears from flowing down her cheeks.


‘I am sorry. Your loss cannot be mended with money but this is the least I can do for you’, he signaled his servant to hand over an attaché case to Gracie. He came near her and put down the attaché case near her on the table.

Jason consoled her, ‘I had promised a good life to your boyfriend. He was also very happy to be here with you. But, God has some different plans for you lady. Cleve always protected me whenever he sensed danger. And I have not got an efficient employee like he was. But, he became a victim of circumstances. My enemies had realized that he had soon become my right hand and killed him at the bar’, he continued as he noticed something different in the eyes of Gracie, ‘please let me know if I can do something for you’

She could not help but notice the glow in Jason’s skin. He was handsome beyond words. He was in his 30s and looked even more stunning in his gray suit, sitting on his expensive couch. She slapped herself in her mind for checking out a man who was responsible for the death of her boyfriend.

‘Okay, Mr. Brooks. Let me figure out what I can do to sustain in this city after the funeral. I will take a leave’, she turned around to depart, leaving the suitcase of money behind.

‘Excuse me, Ms. Adams. Please accept this money. It will help you in this expensive city’, Jason called her.

She nodded and took the attaché to leave and took a look at Jason. He was still staring at her and she could discern something unusual in his eyes. ‘Is he checking me out?’ she asked herself.

‘Jack, drop the lady home’, he ordered to one of his men standing beside him.

She shook herself and looked away from Jason.

Gracie looked around the high rise buildings and the rush of people on the streets of Seattle sitting in the Porsche of Mr. Brooks. She could not understand her feelings. She had entered his office heated over the death of Cleve. But, the sincerity of Mr. Brooks had disarmed her. She wanted to shout at him and cry her heart out. But, the treatment she received from the employees of Jason had made her think twice before behaving like a wild cat in his plush office. She was made to wait for 10 minutes and given the best quality of wine. A very gentle lady had come to her and pleaded her to take a sip when she had seen that Gracie had not touched the wineglass lying on the table.

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