Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(4)

By: Mercedes Hart

She took a sip and immediately recognized that it was Sauvignon Blanc, ‘Holy shit!’ she jumped in her seat, ‘How did Jason know that I loved this wine? Had he heard it from Cleve?

‘No’, she told herself, ‘This must be a coincidence’

Another glass of wine arrived as she finished her first. She sipped the other glass of wine as she waited and looked around the beautiful interiors of Jason’s office. ‘He must be an old billionaire in his 50s’, she had thought, ‘It takes a lifetime to build such an empire’

‘Ms. Adams, Mr. Brooks is available to meet, the same lady in the short skirt had come to tell her. Gracie was already feeling lightheaded by now after two glasses of her favorite wine. Maybe it was the drink only which made her reactions to Jason Brooks that placid.

‘Ms. Adams, your place’, the driver broke the monotony of her thoughts.

Gracie opened the door with a ladle in her hand and was shocked, rather pleasantly shocked to see Jason on the door.

‘Mr. Brook, how are you here?’ she asked in surprise without realizing that she had not asked him to come in.

‘I was just passing by and just thought of asking you of your wellbeing’, Jason answered.

‘That’s very kind of you, Mr. Brooks but I was not expecting you at this time’, she said realizing that it was 10 at night.

‘I am sorry Ms. Adams, I can come later if you are busy’, he turned to leave.

‘No, no… I apologize. Please come in’, she made way for him to enter her messed up the house, ‘Please excuse me for the muddle in the house. I have not been able to maintain this apartment after Cleve’.

‘It’s completely fine Ms. Adams. It sometimes feels good being in a house like this, feels more like home. It’s a good break from the cleanliness of my own house and office’, he smirked at her.

She could not resist but smile at Jason, ‘What would you like to have Mr. Brooks? I was cooking meatballs with spaghetti if you want to have’, she was surprised at her own reaction. She just offered dinner to the man she hated!

‘Yes, of course. Whatever you bring will be a pleasure for me to savor, with a drink please, if you can arrange.’

‘Yeah… But, I only have wine right now at home, Mr. Brooks’, she told him, recalling the wine incident at his office and slapping herself in her mind again for checking out Jason.

‘No problem at all. Wine will be fine’, he answered, ‘and one thing more, please call me Jason’

Gracie flushed at his actions and words as he rested himself on the couch and laid his one leg over the other. She nodded and turned her back to him to move towards her kitchen.

‘How could he turn up without informing me? Is he up to something I can’t judge?’, she had always doubted the sincerity of Jason’s words. He could not have been as genuine as he looked; she had told herself but could not convince her mind.

Gracie came with the bowl of meatballs and wineglasses. As she turned around to pick up the bottle of wine, she heard Jason calling, ‘Please sit here, Ms. Adams. I will get the wine’ he offered help.

‘It’s okay Mr. Brooks… I mean Jason. I will get it’, she said and came back with the bottle and two plates with forks.


As they sipped wine on the balcony of Gracie’s apartment, Jason asked her, ‘How has been time going, Gracie? Is life treating you well? How’s your job?’

She felt the touch of concern in his questions and decided to answer him honestly, ‘It is indeed a little difficult after Cleve. But, I have been trying to come to terms with the loneliness. No one can replace him,’ she realized that she had answered such questions truthfully for the first time in the last 3 weeks.

Whenever her friends asked her about her life in Seattle, she always answered them with monosyllables. She had not wanted to talk to anyone and just tried to comfort herself in the monotony of her single life in the new city, which did not seem new anymore.

‘I can understand, Gracie. Even I have gone through this pain of separation for years when my mother died. I could not understand what to do with my life at that time. But, I understood one thing that you have to move on. Maybe you could look around and meet people’.

Also By Mercedes Hart

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