Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(5)

By: Mercedes Hart

‘I don’t know. I just can’t get over the agony right now. It was thrilling to be with Cleve every day and suddenly I am here in Seattle. We had wished to have a happy married life and suddenly it is nothing like it used to be in Atlanta. We always cursed that place for the gloom it gave us. But, we never realized that at least we were together in that place. Now I realize why people say that we should always thank Jesus for whatever we have in the present. I had not been grateful enough and now, here I am, devastated and struggling for life.’

‘It’s nothing like that. We always look at the past and regret for things we could not achieve. We should rather be grateful for what God gives us. He has better plans for us that we never know.’ Jason looked at her while saying and could not forgive himself for having a feeling of affection for this beautiful lady in front of him.

Even Gracie could sense that something unusual is going on between Jason and her. She could not forgive herself for being guilty of allowing the supposed murderer of her boyfriend.

They stood on the balcony for a while without saying anything and just looking at the stars in the clear sky.

‘I want to confess something, Mr. Brook’, said Gracie.

Jason turned to her and listened carefully.

‘I have hated you from the core of my heart since Cleve died. And, I cannot break the ice, maybe forever with you’, she came clean and relieved her soul from the great burden she was carrying in her heart.

‘I cannot be more apologetic for what dawned upon you because of me. Even I cannot understand why I am so repentant this time while it is not hidden from anyone that Cleve was not the first man to die in my trade. Dealing with diamonds shines from outside only. It’s a dirty trade Ms. Adams’; he looked into her eyes and said, ‘I will try to replenish your life with whatever I can do for you’.

‘I must take a leave now’, he said and she quietly nodded but she wanted him to be there with her through the night. It might be the lonely nights after Cleve that made her feel even lonelier!

‘I know David; I can have her as and when I want. Money can do wonders for ladies. But, that’s not the way I want to approach her.’

‘Oh come on, Jason. Don’t be a spoilsport. You’ve had as many women as you wanted in your bed the same day you met them. And you are talking like an asshole today’, David shrugged his shoulders and bottomed up his scotch, ‘Do you want another drink? I am going to have one.’

‘I think you are right. I must play the money card with her’, Jason said while handing over his glass to David, ‘She is testing my patience and I don’t have hordes of it. She has to surrender and I would…’

‘I knew that you were a rascal from day one!’ suddenly the door burst open and Gracie was standing in front of David and Jason with her eyes full of tears.

The jaws of the men dropped in horror as they saw her and David excused himself from the scene.

‘I am sorry, Gracie. I didn’t mean what I said. Please, for…’ he could not even complete when he felt his left cheek burning!

‘You deserve only this slap from me! You killed Cleve and now you dare to bed me and play that money card with me!’ Gracie was burning with fury.

‘Please be seated, Gracie’, he held her by her shoulders and made her sit. He handed over a glass of water to her and tried to calm her down as she sobbed, ‘I would not say that you are misunderstanding dear. But, what you heard was only partial truth.’

‘Don’t try to fool me again, Jason. You already fooled me and Cleve and brought us here. Now when I am left all alone, you are trying to take advantage of my situation. I let you in my house every time in the past five months because I thought that you were someone with whom I could talk my heart out. But no, you were just playing with my emotions’, she could not stop sobbing.

‘It’s not like that sweetie. Please stop crying first’, Jason handed over the tissue to her.

When she stopped sobbing, he sat on her knees on the carpeted floor and said, ‘I know I have hurt you, and I also know that the loss of Cleve to you is irreparable. But, I could not stop myself from meeting you. I have never intended to take advantage of your situation. Had it been the case, I would have played the money card with you long back what you just heard. Five months is a long time in Seattle, Honey. Girls don’t take an hour to jump into bed with a man like me. But, my needs are different. That’s why I have not been…very…close to you’, he stammered as he finished and rose up to face the window to have the view from the 16th floor of his building.

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