Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(6)

By: Mercedes Hart

‘What do you mean by different needs, Jason?’ she went up to him and asked again, ‘Come on, tell me. I cannot be like this with you forever. You have to tell me what’s up in your mind.’

‘Nothing sweetheart, nothing is in my mind. You just sit down. Let me pour you a drink. Scotch or wine?’ he gestured from his bar counter.

‘I don’t want any drink’, she rose up to leave.

‘Please don’t go, Gracie’, he held her wrist and pleaded her.

‘Why should I stay here when you don’t even want to tell me the truth? I have told you everything about me. And you do not want to reveal your life to me’, she sneered at him.

‘Ok, listen. You have asked me many times before that why I am single till now when I have everything that any girl would want in her spouse. There is a reason behind it. I cannot love a girl like normal guys do. I am into…’ he could not complete.

‘You are into what, Jason?’ she asked again.

He faced her and looked straight into her eyes and revealed, ‘I am into BDSM. I like to be the dominant and I want my lady to be the submissive for life’, he dropped her hands and turned, ‘I have fallen in love with you Gracie, but I could never gather the courage to tie you into bondage and get physical with you. I knew you would not like it.’

She dropped back in her seat in shock and said, ‘Yes. You were right. How can you tie someone to have sex with them? That’s called rape, Mr. Brook, not love. I think I should leave.’

He could not stop her this time.

‘Are you mine, my love?’ Jason asked Gracie as he held her close to his face, almost touching her lips.

As she nodded, he kissed her fervently. The kiss went on and on for what seemed like an eternity, as he explored the insides of her mouth, the walls of her cheeks and the tongue which moved restlessly in the mouth. He took control of her tongue and pulled it inside his mouth and she groaned heavily.

He held her by her waist, tightly close to his stomach. He realized it for the first time that the short height of Gracie was amazingly seductive to him. He could hold her like a doll and play with her as he wanted. She just did as guided by Jason.

Jason guided her to the bed in his room lit by the outside lights on the topmost floor of his apartment. But, the beautiful lady in the hands of the man had nothing to do with his wealth. She was a self-respecting lady, who had come in the arms of Jason out of sheer love. As she reached the bed with Jason, she could feel herself let loose and fall on the bed.

The floral dress of Gracie flowed up her thighs and her legs came out bare, almost revealing the apex of her thighs. He touched her on her right thigh and kissed it. She groaned with pleasure and got up to hold his head. She took his face upwards and they looked into each other’s eyes.

‘Are you sure you want to do it, love?’ Jason asked her.

‘Yes, I want to do it for you’, she looked straight into his eyes as she replied.

‘I would try my best not to hurt you, sweetheart. Still, if you feel any kind of pain that does not induce pleasure, you just have to say stop! I am not going to cover your mouth’, he told her.

She nodded and Jason picked her up in his arms and laid her on the iron grill bed. The bed had two strange soft pillars on both sides. When she had entered the room, she had looked at the surroundings inquisitively.

The room was overall gray, but had bold touches of red in some places, especially around the bed. There was a wall with a long vertical wooden panel with a horizontal steel bar on the top. There were two fur handcuffs hanging from the bar. Another thing which had caught her attention was the bondage bed in the center of the room. It had several bars and holes in the wooden panels, the purpose of which she could not comprehend. It had a beautiful velvet spread laid out on it. A pair of bondage mittens was lying on the side table.

There was a vast collection of harness, belts, tapes, yokes, binders, collar, corsets, funnel gag, and even a sleep sack. Many more strange things were there, which were beyond the imagination of Gracie and she did not even know the names of this equipment. She just knew that she was here to explore the world of dominance and submission with her new found love for Jason.

Also By Mercedes Hart

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