Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(63)

By: Mercedes Hart

Michael reached into the basket for another chip and Ella eased her hand over to touch his softly. “Mikey. I have something to say to you quickly and if you don’t agree with me I completely understand. Over the past few days you have experienced to of the most exciting and scary events of my life, and last night there was definitely something between us that made a connection. I am not saying anything serious this moment, but our time together is exciting and adventurous and I would like to have more times like that. What about you?”

Michael provided a belly laugh, donning Ella’s brief frown. “No, I’m not laughing AT you, sweetie. It’s fun to think of a woman like you looking for change and adventure in life, and I would be happy to see what we can do with that. Trust me, the excitement and fun are plenty to look forward between the two of us together and last night was incredible as well! I didn’t know if you wanted to stick to just sex like you were pulling in last night or if there was something more you wanted out of it at all.”

“Well, I was able to cross a couple of tight borders when I initially committed to leaving the country to help a small town in Mexico and then again when I expanded my sexual limitations with last night’s adventures as well. I had never expected that, but it was certainly an amazing addition to my life experience.”

“Then you’ve got it, Ella. How about we give some time together a good chance? I have to tell you that I have been attracted to you since I first met you a couple of years ago from your brother, and the chance to experience adventure and excitement together as a ‘couple’, would you say, seems like an incredible opportunity.”

Ella’s frown had already reversed and her smile led up to her eyes as she stared Michael down across the table. “Then why don’t we take care of the check and head back to my place? You definitely saved me down in Mexico, and last night you placed along to save me from myself. You definitely are my prince charming, and I look forward to giving us a shot!”

With the check paid and a momentary drive down the street they were inside the apartment, ripping each others’ clothes off and proceeding with more passion and intensity from the first moment. *****


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