Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(7)

By: Mercedes Hart

He pulled off her dress from above her head. As Jason tied her hands with the cuffs against the grills of the bed, she had looked into his eyes and tried to comprehend the emotions he must have been feeling. He looked at her with pure love and kept doing his job. She could not see any trace of lust in his eyes, just affection was there.

When he was done tying her up, he came over her and said, ‘We will keep this BDSM thing to the minimum, Gracie since it is your first time.’

She nodded and trusted him as he kissed her on the forehead. He took off her shirt and then his gray pants. When he was only in his underwear in front of her, she could not believe the perfect physique of Jason. He had a body like that of a Roman God- perfectly carved muscles and the harness of his arms and legs was an eye candy.

She was totally in control of the man in front of her. He had promised her that he would not hurt her. The way he makes sexual relations with his females is just a method of inducing pleasure by way of a little pain and having control over the submissive. He said that he liked her to be his submissive for life. She was not sure at that point whether she wanted that kind of life or not. But, she had come here, yielding her own wishes and submitting herself to Jason.

He moved his lips all over her face and then her lips, kissed her even more passionately than before, ‘You don’t know Gracie, how beautiful you are. You are mine, just mine’, he whispered in her ears.

He licked her cheeks and moved her tongue to her neck, sucking the skin on the hollow of her neck. He moved down further and kept kissing her, just above her right breast; he stopped and pulled her skin in the partial vacuum of his mouth. When he rose up to see the spot, he could see a love bite, blue-black in color.

‘Do you want to see yourself?’ Jason asked Gracie.

She nodded and he helped her raise her head and look at the bite.

‘I will leave you blue and black all over your body, Gracie. You will wake up every morning the coming week with the memories of this night. Every time you will look into the mirror, you will think of me’, he let her head rest on the pillow and got back to kiss her left breast.

She moaned with pleasure as he took that soft mass of his beloved’s skin into his mouth. She moved her body with pleasure and she wanted to hold Jason in her arms but could not do so. He put his arms on her legs as they were about to rise passionately.

‘Not now, sweetie, not now’, you will get ample opportunities tonight to raise your legs’, he smirked at her. She could do help but let him do whatever he wanted to do and thus, closed her eyes.

He kissed and kissed her all over her body. As he reached her rosebud between her legs, she groaned even harder.

‘Please release me, Jason. I want to hold you, please!’ she pleaded.

He raised his arm and put her hand on her mouth, and continued to lick the softest part of her body. He grinned at himself for being taller than Gracie.

She groaned more, as he pulled his hand away and explored the insides of her with the middle finger of his right hand. She jerked her back and tried to escape from the agony and ecstasy of this all new experience when she could not even touch his man but was still enjoying like a virgin.

He rose up to her face and could feel her breathing heavily. Gracie was almost on the verge of tears as she opened her eyes. She looked at Jason and he put his lips on hers. She could taste herself on his lips.

She could feel his hardness below her stomach. He raised her legs upwards, folded them at the knees and tickled the back of her right thigh with the gentle movement of his hand.

‘I love you, my love. I’ll be back’ and he left to get something.

Gracie could hear the shuffling of a few things at the back of the bondage bed and then he saw him coming back with two ties.

‘Be prepared for some more pain and pleasure, my dear Gracie. Welcome to my world!’ he used those ties to bind her legs from ankle to thigh in such a way that now her legs were almost immobilized. He opened her hands from the grills of the bed, which relieved her a little but now she was helpless with her legs.

‘If you move your hands too much, I will tie them again’, Jason warned her and she looked at him in horror.

He smiled at her and removed his underwear, ‘Do you want me to enter you?’

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