Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(8)

By: Mercedes Hart

She could not utter a word and looked at him speechless.

‘If you do not speak up, how would I know whether you are enjoying or not?’ he looked at her affectionately and went close to her. He rested his body on her legs, being cautious that he did not exert his body weight over her folded up legs.

She put her hands in his hair and kissed him. Jason could feel that Gracie had overcome her fears with him. He moved his right hand from around her right leg and exerted it inside her.

She opened her eyes astonished at the sudden act of Jason as he kissed her. He kept moving it in and out.

‘Have you come, Gracie? So soon!’ he asked in a low voice and she nodded.

He smiled at her and said, ‘We are not done yet, my love. There is a lot more to come.’

She was already tired by now and her legs had started aching a little. But, the man in front of her was not ready to yield yet.

Jason got up and opened the drawer of the side table on the right. She could hear the tearing of a foil. He came back to her with a condom and rolled it over his hardness.

As she looked him hovering over her body, he spread apart her legs and entered her with full thrust. She cried with pain as he made his way inside. While he stroked her, he released her left leg from bondage and then her right leg. She felt relieved from one pain but the other pain from Jason being inside her had just started.

It was a tremendously tiring experience for Gracie. She could not have rest for a single moment with Jason. The man, who had not touched her for months in a row, was not ready to stop tonight.

As he released both her legs, he kept stroking her and then leaned over again to kiss her.

They both were sweating and panting badly by now. The movement of their bodies went on for like, forever when Jason called for her, ‘Come, baby, you have to come for me again’, and he spanked her thigh. She felt the sting from the spanking but could not help feel that she was enjoying something she had not expected in her life.

As she came again, she released a heavy sigh and Jason understood that he had a got a job well done that moment.

She could not pull off her hands from Jason’s shoulders as he rotated inside her, and then collapsed over her!

‘How many women have you taken to your bedroom for this BDSM thing?’, she asked him out of blue as they talked for hours on the phone that day.

She was managing her foods in the refrigerator as they continued talking.

‘Eight…as of now’, he responded.

‘So I am the ninth submissive of yours?’ she asked as she put in the bell peppers inside the fruit basket of her refrigerator.

‘You are my first love, Gracie!’

She smiled at the reply and continued, ‘So the previous girls in your bedroom were only meant for sex?’

‘Yes, I told you I like to be the dominant and I like my ladies to be the submissive. And, I must admit, you have proved yourself the best in my bed, my bondage bed rather.’

‘Yeah…even I am surprised that I enjoyed the play… I mean…!’ she slapped her forehead for what she had just said.

Gracie could hear Jason laughing badly on the other end of the phone.

‘Stop it…please, Jason!’

‘Okay…Okay… I will stop it. So you enjoyed…eh..?’

‘Yeah…I mean it was fine’, she responded and blushed. She could feel the blood flowing through her cheeks.

‘So, shall I come over right now to your place for the next session?’ he smirked in the mirror of his office washroom and asked her.

‘No…please Jason. I am still sore from the last night’, she jumped in her shoes.

‘Wow… That’s something lovely you just said in days’

‘You like me black and blue like you said?’ she questioned him.

‘I like you to have the signs of our love making all over your body. Don’t you feel good when you look at yourself?’

‘Yes…I can still see marks of your play all over my body’, she said as she took out frozen chicken from the freezer.


‘What happened?’ Jason jumped in his seat as he heard her shriek.

‘Nothing, I just cut my finger’

‘Hello…hello…!’ she spoke into the phone but the line had been disconnected she thought. She put the phone down and rushed to the bathroom. As she put her hand under the running water, she looked at the blood and her mind went away to the last night and the thoughts she had before she entered the bedroom of Jason.

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