Whatever It Takes To Get Out Of The Hood(9)

By: Mercedes Hart

She was scared that Jason might hurt her when he would tie her. But, that was a pleasing experience instead. She did not feel even once that he was forcefully thrusting him upon her. In fact, he made sure that she enjoyed all the time. When she used to be in bed with Cleve, they used to please each other. At that time, she had never known that sex could have such a different approach altogether.

She had seen the pictures of people tied up with different bondages on The Internet before and always had a disgusting feeling about it. Now, she was here, at the helm Jason and still enjoying it.

She looked at herself in the mirror above the sink and saw the love bite over her right breast. She smiled at the memories of the last night. They had made love thrice. Even then she wanted to have more though she had refused just now to Jason to have sex.

As the blood stopped, she turned off the tap and came out of the washroom wiping off her hands with paper towels.

As she resumed her cooking, she heard the doorbell. It took her a while to clean her hands and reach the door, but to shock her even more, she saw the keyhole turning and Jason entered from the main door.

‘You have the keys to my house, Jason?’, her eyes widened with the dual shock of having Jason in front of her in less than 15 minutes and realizing that he possesses the keys to her house. She recalled that Cleve never carried the house keys with him and she always argued about it with him.

‘Show me your finger. How could you be so careless?’, he grabbed her hand and made her sit, ‘Why haven’t you applied any ointment on it yet?’

‘I didn’t have anything at home, so…I just washed the wound and…’ she replied and smiled at the concern Jason showed for her.

‘I knew it’, he said as he took out the first aid box from his bag, ‘This should be the first thing you should have in your house’

As he carried on dressing her, she could not resist smiling and she just leaned over him to kiss him on his lips, ‘Thank you’, she had a distinct glow in her eyes.

‘Gracie, if you want to thank me, you have to take care of yourself’, he smiled but carried on dressing her, ‘this is not a small wound, you must have been careful’

‘But, how would I cook now with such a huge bandage on my hand?’ she laughed at the childish bandage Jason had wrapped around her hand.

‘I am not a professional nurse, you see’, he smiled back, ‘and regarding your cooking and other shit, you do not have to worry. You are moving in with me, right now’, he ordered her.

‘Oh…no… no way…I just can’t do that right now. I have adapted to this place with such difficulty and now I can’t move again to your place’

In her heart, Gracie smiled at the thought of being together with Jason in his house all the time. But, she needed time to collect the pieces of her life and take a wiser decision. It had been really difficult after Cleve for her and she became sad at the thought of her ex-boyfriend. He also took care of her like Jason was doing. She felt that she was lucky to have Jason in her life but in some corner of her heart, she also felt guilty about sleeping with the man who had ruined her life at one point of time and finished the life of Cleve.

‘Why not? Don’t you feel comfortable with me? Or are you still scared of our master-slave relationship in bed?’ Jason looked at her inquisitively.

‘I don’t know. I mean…it’s too early to move in so soon with you. I need to understand you more before I come to live with you. Plus, I need to sort my life. It has been a mess in the last few months’

‘You can clear the mess in that house as well, Gracie. That house is waiting to be a home with you being there. I feel so lonely right now in that formal atmosphere of that house. It feels more or less like an office. I don’t feel any difference sleeping at home or in office. If I put a bed in my office chamber, I won’t feel any difference in the atmosphere. If you come to live with me, my house will be a better place’

Gracie looked at Jason in utter surprise. She had not seen him speaking so frankly about what he felt.

Jason held her unwounded hand in hers and said, ‘I have been coming here for such a long time honey, please do not refuse. I promise I will keep you happy. You wanted to work somewhere; you can find yourself a job if you want though you do not need to do it. I’ll be there for all your needs’

Also By Mercedes Hart

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