When It All Falls Down(3)

By: Tamicka Higgins

“Oh, there you go,” Tramar said, his voice mimicking Ayana’s voice from just moments before when she’d told him to calm down about his family. “That’s yo family,” he said. “Don’t be that way.”

“Boy, whatever,” Ayana said. “So…anyway…. You really try’na come pick me up?”

“Well, duh,” Tramar said. “That’s what I asked you, ain’t it? You try’na go somewhere or hang out in that apartment with your best friend?”

“Stop, Tramar,” Ayana said. “And yeah, I’m down to go wherever. When you comin’ to pick me up?”

“Shit,” Tramar said, “a nigga can be there in a hour or less if that’s okay with you. You know how that traffic be goin’ back into Chicago from Indiana on the weekend. Ain’t shit over here in Indiana, and they try’na go into the big city to have some fun. That’s why I said I can try to be there in a hour or less.”

“Okay,” Ayana said. “I can be ready. Just text me when you cross the state line, since you’ll be close to getting off the highway at that point. I can be ready. Did you wanna come in and see my best friend or whatever you call her?”

Tramar snickered before he answered, “Uhhhh, no. I’ll have to pass on that. You know I love your mama, Ayana. But that chick is crazy, and she be lookin’ at me funny.”

“I know,” Ayana said. “She be looking at any man that come around a couple seconds too long. You know she thirsty. But anyway, let me go on and get ready, and I’ll be ready to come out at just about the time you pull up out front of my apartment building.”

“Bet,” Tramar said.

Ayana ended the call then dropped her phone onto the bed. She jumped up, feeling a little excited that she was going somewhere. Even though she didn’t know where Tramar was trying to take her, or what he had in mind for however long they spent together that night, being with him would certainly be better than sitting at home with her mother. In fact, Ayana was somewhat surprised that her mother hadn’t come into her bedroom when she was talking on the phone. No matter how low Ayana tried to talk when she was on the phone, her mother always managed to hear her talking on the phone and would want to come into the room and be nosey.

Ayana grabbed her towel, walked out into the small hallway that connected the two bedrooms to the living room, and hurried into the bathroom. She shut the door, put a shower cap on over her fresh pixie-cut hairstyle, and took a shower. Once she’d climbed out of the shower and dried off, she returned to her room where she closed her door and sat on the edge of the bed while rubbing olive oil all over her body. She smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. About a year and a half or so ago, she’d thrown her lotion away and opted for using olive oil instead. She’d read online that it helped the skin practically glow over time. And, so far, she’d found this information to be right. The cherry on top about using olive oil instead of lotion was the fact that Tramar complimented her on how her skin looked. He even went as far as insisting to help her with rubbing the olive oil on her back, which Ayana loved so much.

When Ayana had finished oiling her body, she opened her window to see what the weather was like. As it was late September in Chicago, the weather could go either way. Some years, late September could be hot and sticky. However, other years, the fall month could be cold, windy and rather gloomy. Upon briefly investigating, Ayana found that the weather was somewhat of a mixture.

Ayana closed her window and slid into some cute, ripped DKNY blue jeans that she’d gotten on sale just a couple of days before the company she used to work for had closed down. With her thick thighs showing through the rips, she knew that would drive Tramar crazy. He always loved when she wore clothes that showed the beauty that was her body, even more so when it was her thighs, as he was a major thigh man.

Once Ayana had jumped up and down a few times, in an effort to get her pants up over her hips and round ass, she stepped over to her closet door and looked at what shirts she had as an option. She wanted something that would be comfortable but also cute, as she’d be carrying her jacket with her. There was no doubt that the temperature would probably drop later on in the night, as it always did in Chicago. The wind coming in off of the lake would only make matters worse.

Also By Tamicka Higgins

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