When It All Falls Down(8)

By: Tamicka Higgins

Not being able to take it anymore, Tramar pushed Ayana back as he stood up. For a few minutes, he gripped the top of Ayana’s head as he watched her big, full lips go up and down. “It’s time for a nigga to get in that pussy,” he said, in a very authoritative way. “A nigga been thinkin’ bout that shit all day. Let me get some of that pussy.”

Ayana pulled her mouth off of Tramar’s dick and stood up. Quickly, Tramar had wrapped his hands around her hips and turned her around. After sliding her pants down to the floor and taking her shoes off so that he could slide her pants off of her body, he slapped her ass and smiled. “Damn,” he said.

“Damn, what?” Ayana asked, wanting to know why he said that.

“This ass,” Tramar said, smacking it again. “I swear, it’s like every time I see this shit, it gets fatter.”

“Boy, stop,” Ayana said, blushing. “You know my ass ain’t gettin’ no bigger. I don’t even know why you say that shit. You always talkin’ about my ass is gettin’ fatter.”

“I’m just speaking the truth,” Tramar said. “We bout to see though, cause I’m bout to beat this pussy up.”

Tramar forcefully turned Ayana around and bent her over to where she was now doggy style on the bed. He slapped her ass again, complimenting her on just how thick she was. Quickly, he pulled his shirt up over his head and gripped her hips. Within a matter of moments, Ayana squealed softly as she could feel Tramar pushing his long, thick manhood into the depths of her insides. “Fuck!” she said, the word slipping over the edge of her lips.

Tramar gripped Ayana’s wide hips as he slowly long stroked into the depths of her insides. Once he’d worked his way to where he knew that she was used to feeling him, he sped up and fucked Ayana as if there were no tomorrow. For twenty minutes, Tramar enjoyed the sight of Ayana’s big round ass as it jiggled with each thrust he made – as it bounced against his pelvis. Once Ayana had announced that she’d had her orgasm, Tramar sped up so that he could have his. After he’d let go inside of her, the two of them lay in one another’s arms.

“I love you so much,” Ayana said.

“I love you too,” Tramar said. “And I’m serious about us livin’ together. I wanna know why you not takin’ a nigga seriously. You know you wanna have some of this dick every day of the week.”

“Boy, don’t say that,” Ayana said, knowing that what Tramar had just said was the truth and nothing more. “That ain’t why, though. I’m…I’m… I guess I’m just a little worried about what you got goin’ on. I mean, do you be havin’ niggas after you from the money you be makin’ and shit out in the streets?”

Right away, in the dimly lit room, Tramar shook his head. “Hell naw,” he said. “Niggas around here know better than to start shit with me. I promise, you ain’t gotta worry about no shit like that with me. Put that on everything.”

Ayana and Tramar continued chatting until the two of them had fallen asleep, tangled in one another’s grip for the rest of the night. A thin, white sheet covered their sweaty bodies as they slept deeply from the sex they’d just had.

Ayana was woken up the next morning by Tramar shaking her body gently. Once she was alert enough, she saw that he was getting his clothes on and grabbing his car keys. “Hey,” he said softly. “I’m bout to run over to this Bob Evans and get us some breakfast, okay?”

“Okay,” Ayana said, smiling as she woke up.

Tramar leaned over and kissed Ayana on the side of her head, causing her to tingle with love. Ayana, now alone in the hotel room, waited for Tramar to return. However, much to her confusion, as checkout time, which was 11 o’clock, approached, she was worried as to why he hadn’t come back. After calling him a few times, trying to get some sort of answer, she knew that she’d have to get up and get on the train before the hotel housekeeping came through to clean the room.

Chapter 2

When Ayana finally climbed out of the hotel bed, she grabbed her purse and jacket and headed out to the L station. As she waited on the next train to arrive, she continued calling Tramar. Something just did not feel right. It was simply not like him to leave the hotel and never come back, let alone not answer her phone calls. The worry began to consume Ayana just when her cousin Sharli called.

Also By Tamicka Higgins

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