When a Boss Nigga Wants You 3

By: Niqua Nakell


First and foremost, thanks to the man above for continuing to bless me and my passion for writing. I am so appreciative of all of my fans and supporters, and I must say that you guys are the best! I love that I have been able to connect with readers from all over and have been able to get to know some of you all.

Of course, starting out my shout-outs, I have to begin with my favorite readers:

Burris, My Golden Diva- thanks again for your unwavering support. It seems like you are always proud of me and encouraging me, especially on my days that I just feel average. I’m definitely starting to feel how it is to be Young, Black and Gifted. Love you much!

Crystal- thanks again for your bossiness and being “President” of Readers Mentality; Niqua Nakell’s Elites! You definitely did not want anyone to be more spoiled than you, but I love it lol!

Keke- thanks for being a HUGE supporter of mine! I love how you are always down to promote and always are encouraging me to be better. Love ya girlie!

Tiera- thanks for becoming my second official test reader! You give me motivation, but you also keep it straight no chasers…. Thanks so much, I love you and your support!

Itatshia- thank you so much for your motivation along with the support. You keep me on my toes and that’s nothing but love.

Ashley- thank you for being able to see my growth and for being available and ready to always give me much needed feedback. I appreciate you!

Sheena- my accountability partner, thanks for the talk and encouragement daily. Virtual strangers, you have made a lasting impression on me!

Kywanda, Rickel, Corrie, Tamara, Natasha, Tyisha, Kia, Iesha, Shantel and Jarvia- Niqua Nakell’s Elites… Love y’all support!!!

To all of my ladies in Readers Mentality; Thanks for your support and always being a part of all book discussions, games, etc. that occurs in our reading group. I appreciate all of you ladies, and many days the silliness and pettiness that we all have is just enough to keep me pushing!

To my mother, who reads my books, thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote. It really means a lot to me Mama, I love you to the moon and beyond!

Porschea- baby girl you have a gift and I’m ready for the world to see it! Keep pushing love, nothing but greatness ahead!

Kellz- one of my favorite authors, my sissy, my friend. I love our growing relationship and I’m so ready for what’s to come! Love you girlie!

Continued thanks and praise for me being blessed with a great publishing company; Tiece Mickens Presents! Tiece thanks for giving me the opportunity and thanks Ebony for keeping me on my toes. I try not to harass y’all too much, thanks for everything!

To my beautiful nieces; Ta’Nazia and Ja’Nazia, as Auntie begins to live out her dreams I hope that the both of you are thinking big of what you want to accomplish in life. We have lots of time to get y’all together, but no shorts and no handouts! My babies will be Queens before anything!

Readers Mentality is just more than just a saying, it is my brand. The book world has its own arena and the mind of a reader can hold lots of knowledge, wisdom and creativity! Welcome to the world where you can be YOU and display your #ReadersMentality! Thanks for supporting me! I appreciate it so much!!!

~Niqua Nakell



Watching Sa’Naya and Kingston living it up pissed me off even more. First, Kingston was going ahead with the divorce and since I had almost fucked up his precious relationship, he and Nico cut the whole Squad Up off. So, not only did this bitch have my man, she now had fucked up my livelihood. Hustling was my lifestyle, it was something that raised me and for Nico to cut me off meant that nobody else in the city was fucking with me. While Kingston was all smiles, I was ready to turn his happy life into a nightmare, like mine was.

I was in the cut, watching a dude watch him and Sa’Naya, and I could tell that he too felt my pain. From the flare of his nostrils to the clenching of his fist, I would bet my last dollar that he was the dude Naya had ran to when she had found out that I was Kingston’s wife.

They never saw me coming, and that’s exactly the way I wanted it. While Sa’Naya and Kingston’s backs were turned to me, I slowly stalked in their direction. See, I was not on the strict guest list, so I had used a name of one of my friends who I knew was on the list. Instead of rocking my long, sandy brown hair, I had on a short black wig with a pair of Prada shades on that disguised my look. I did not want anyone to be aware that I was in the building until the time was right. And that time was now.

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