Yellowstone Deception(5)

By: Peggy L Henderson

“What if time altered again? What if something else happened than what should have happened originally?” He ran his hand through his short hair. “This time travel stuff is really hard to make sense of. But if time got changed somehow, when Aimee dies in the past, I won’t exist anymore in this time. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, I see what you’re saying, but there’s absolutely no way of knowing anything. There’s nothing we can do.” Jana met his stare for the first time. She didn’t look away for once, and concern was evident on her face. Dan’s gut tightened involuntarily.

He took a deep breath. He reached for her hand, and held to it when she stiffened. Her hand was so small in his, her skin a much lighter shade than his natural olive complexion. Without thinking, he caressed her palm with his thumb. A subtle tingling sensation crept up his arm, originating in his fingers.

“Yes. There is something we can do,” he said, clearing his throat. She cocked her head slightly, her brows narrowing in a silent question.

“Help me find that time travel device, Jana. Go back to the past with me, and help me save my grandmother, your best friend. Help me save my life . . . my future.”

Chapter 2

Jana paced the floor in front of the large king sized bed in her hotel room. She’d never stepped foot inside the Yellowstone Snow Lodge before, much less spent the night in one of the rooms here. She could only imagine how expensive one of these rooms was, and Dan had already paid for her to stay a full week. She wondered how he could afford such luxury on his seasonal park ranger salary. When she’d offered to reimburse him, he’d quickly declined.

The rustic wooden table, chairs, and matching bed frame accentuated the wildlife artwork that hung on the wood-paneled walls. The bedspread was an earth-tone woodlands pattern of alternating pine trees and moose silhouettes. The entire room looked like a miniature cabin.

Jana gazed out at the wooded landscape beyond her window. The brief conversation with Dan earlier had left her head spinning. The way he held her hand, and his thumb stroking her palm, had sent odd chills along her spine. She was glad when several inquisitive tourists had interrupted them a few minutes into their conversation, and Dan returned to duty. He’d told her he’d pick her up after his shift and they could continue their discussion over dinner.

Alone for the moment, Jana’s mind reeled with everything he’d said. She still couldn’t imagine how it was possible that Aimee could have died so soon after her return to 1810. Daniel, her husband, was with her. Surely, he wouldn’t have let any harm come to her. The man was so deeply in love with Aimee, Jana was sure he would have lain down his own life before he’d let her get hurt. And how was it even possible? The few sketchy historical accounts Jana had been able to dig up on the internet revealed the descendants of Aimee and Daniel as being prominent in the founding of Yellowstone as a national park.

It just didn’t make any sense. Jana shook her head. Then again, time travel didn’t make any sense, either, but she couldn’t deny the fact that it was real. That weird-looking magical device that made it all a reality – who knew where it came from? Jana’s mind conjured up all sorts of ideas about aliens or some ancient higher power.

She’d never been a superstitious person who believed in all that hocus-pocus. She’d always been firmly rooted in science and fact. Supernatural forces just didn’t fit into her orderly world. But since time travel was undeniably real, then maybe something happened to change the historical time line again. Even Einstein’s theory of relativity proved that time travel, at least moving forward in time, was a possibility. According to Einstein, time was simply a direction in space. Time was relative. Therefore, things could change. Time could change. Jana sank onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Dan’s idea of going back in time to . . . to do what? How could they save Aimee when they had no idea what they needed to save her from, or when exactly she died? And how were they ever even going to find the time travel device in the first place? It could be anywhere. And if history had changed again, would the time travel device still be where Aimee left it originally?

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