You Ain't Bout Dat Life(10)

By: Tisha

“I don’t have any on me, but if you come back after I get off, I can take you to get whatever you want.” PJ licked his lips, with lust filled eyes.

CeCe being too young to understand, nodded, and rushed off to play.

“Oh yeah…I got some treats for you.” PJ mumbled under his breath, his penis got hard thinking about the things he wanted to do to CeCe.

Like PJ requested, CeCe came back to the park at five, since there were no other kids in the park at the moment to help her on the merry-go-round she played on the swings until PJ called her over.

“You ready to go get those treats now?” PJ asked, smiling.

“Yes!” CeCe excitedly nodded.

“Meet me in the parking lot in about ten minutes. You do know how long that is don’t you?”

“Uh huh.” CeCe looked at the Hello Kitty watch she was wearing.

Ten minutes later PJ pulled out the park with CeCe buckled up in the back seat. They rode around to every store CeCe wanted PJ to take her too. CeCe was the only child of a single mother, who worked late and constantly left her home alone. She was a cute brown skinned girl, with brown eyes, and long hair that her mother kept braided in twists. She had no father so she wasn’t used to being spoiled. PJ knew that so he always treated her nice, gave her gifts, and anything she wanted. She thought he was just being nice, but she’d soon find out he had another motive. PJ rode around with CeCe for the next couple hours, then they went to his private hide out that he paid for out of his own pocket, so his parents wouldn’t be able to trace it back to him. His hang out spot was where he went to do his dirt and get a break from his family when they got on his nerves. It had a couch, kitchen, refrigerator full of food, dishwasher, bedroom, and bathroom. Everything he needed this place supplied, no one who knew PJ had a clue about this place and he planned to keep it that way.


Breaking News…

An Amber Alert has been put out for eleven year old Cybil Morgan from the south side. The mother Dejah Morgan who works late shift as a security guard. Realized immediately upon returning from work that all the lights being off in her house was strange. So she went to check on her daughter and discovered she wasn’t in bed like she normally would’ve been. The last time Cybil was seen was earlier today at the park. No one has heard anything from her since. If you have any information on her whereabouts or you’ve seen Cybil please contact the hotline number; all calls are extremely confidential, serious inquiries only.

“Turn that TV down boy! What’s wrong with you?” Nadia Wilkins asked coming out of the kitchen, walking into the living room.

“My bad ma.” PJ said, turning the TV off. “I’m gonna go lay down, I worked late last night and I’m off today so I’m gonna stay in and relax.”

“Oh okay, well I heard the news was it your park that little girl was last seen at?” Nadia asked, eyeing her son for answers.

“N…nah ma, but if she was I don’t remember. I see too many lil’ girls on a daily basis to memorize all their faces.” PJ played it innocent, raising his shoulders.

“Ok well I wish you were going to church with us today.”

“Me too ma, me too, but I’ll try and make it next Sunday I promise.”

“Ok its food in the refrigerator if you get hungry.”

“Thanks ma, love you!” PJ hugged and kissed Nadia.

“Love you too!” Nadia replied holding her son, rubbing his back gently.

Nadia felt a strange vibe from PJ, but she didn’t know what it was, so she couldn’t speak on it. She kissed his cheek and watched him go upstairs to rest. As he was walking upstairs, Nate walked through the front door.

“Boy you better have a good excuse for not being home last night!” Nadia yelled.

“My bad ma I had things to do.” Nate replied nonchalant.

“Your bad? How many times I gotta tell you Nadir you are not grown yet? Just wait till your father finds out about this.” Nadia folded her arms and sucked her teeth.

“Ma please don’t tell dad, I will try not to be late again.” Nate begged his tone now serious.

“Nadir this is the second time this week if your father was here he’d have a fit.”

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