You Ain't Bout Dat Life(3)

By: Tisha

He played football just like Nate, but acted like a white boy. He acted like a Pastor’s son, but there was always this strange vibe about him, that the family, everyone except Desire couldn’t quite comprehend. He did have a girlfriend that he’d invite over a lot and lock up in the room with, she lived directly across the hall. She wasn’t all that cute, but she was really nice and her parents were also highly involved in the church. Her father was a deacon and her mother was head soloist of the choir. She’d been preparing for her time to take her mother’s spot, but for the moment she was an avid member of the choir and led songs with her mother when her mother needed her too or wanted to show off her singing talent. Even though she wasn’t all that in the face her mom still wanted the world to know she had something great dwelling deep inside of her.

At least she was nothing like the chicken heads and thots Nate preferred. Desire would watch how many girls swarmed and obsessed over Nate and as they got older, it only got worse. The older they got the more girls flocked to him like bees to honey. PJ and Desire always warned him that his choices in women and life was going to backfire and blow up in his face if he wasn’t more careful. Nate thought Desire and PJ were pains in the ass most times and two big hypocrites. Desire thought he was lame for pretending to be a hustler and doing thangs in the streets.

His brother thought he should leave the street life alone and be more like their stiff neck daddy. Nate had been living under his family’s rules and what they wanted for years. Now he was ready to be his own man, establish his own legacy, and build his own empire. Yeah his methods of doing so might have been wrong, but in the long run he naively believed everything was going to work out like he needed them too. If it didn’t however he’d have to keep pushing anyway cause he was in too deep to turn back.

“Nadir get in here NOW!” Pastor Paul Wilkins Sr. yelled.

Nate had just stepped out of the shower and was trying to get dressed to hit the streets and handle business. He figured there was no need to rush, especially since he already knew what his father was so angry about. He was on his way out of the room when his cell phone rang.

“Yeah what up girl?” he said, he’d been waiting to hear from her, even though she’d been playing hard to get. “I knew you’d be calling soon or later.” he bragged.

“Yeah okay don’t flatter yourself, you’re cute and all that, but you already know…” she paused and exhaled.

“Well look it’s not like she’s gonna stop being your friend for gettin’ wit’ me.”

“Yeah but I don’t want this to be weird.”

“Jada it ain’t gonna be weird, matter of fact it can be our lil’ secret.” Nate stroked his chin hair, blushing.

“I’m a little young for this Nate.”

“Baby you’re old enough and age ain’t nothin’ but a number remember.”

“Okay…okay but I promised Desire I’d go with her to the nail shop immediately after school. I’ll call you when we’re done and then you can come over.”

“A’ight that’s what’s up, Y’all better be careful out there on that damn bus. I don’t wanna have to hurt nobody.”

“Okay, am I going to see you at school?”

“Yeah but I gotta put in some work first.”

“All right, but you keep being late for school you’re gonna get in trouble.”

“Don’t worry about me, you better be more worried about what I’m gonna do to you.”

“Yeah well you know what they say, actions speak louder than words.”

“Yeah okay, I’ll show you!”

Nate hung up with Jada, put his phone in his pocket, and finally went to see what his dad wanted.

“Boy you ain’t hear me calling you an hour ago?” Paul asked.

“Nope…must’ve had my headphones on.” Nate lied.

“Whatever you wanna tell me where you were last night?” He gave him a stern look, folding his arms.”

“I had some business to handle.” Nate replied.

“What kind of business? Boy you sixteen; you ain’t got no job.” Paul barked.

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