You Ain't Bout Dat Life(4)

By: Tisha

That’s where he was wrong, but the less he knew, the better.

“I know that, but I had some things Josh needed me to do with him.”

“Boy I don’t care, you were supposed to help me clean the church last night.”

“Yeah…dad I get it.”

“You better get it. Nadir your obligation to this family and our legacy comes second to no one. Is that clear?”

“Yeah dad…yeah!” Nate grumbled.

“Good. Come straight home today because we have bible study tonight.”

Paul was always trying to get Nate to go to bible study, prayer meetings, business meetings, and even choir rehearsal. This was his play to keep Nate in church where he could keep an eye on him but everyone else could make judgements as far as Nate was concerned. He felt going to Sunday services was bad enough and that was all his father was gonna get from him.

“Dad I signed up for the basketball tryouts so I won’t be able to do it tonight.” Nate hoped this would work. He had way more important things to do, than be stuck cleaning the church on a Friday night.

“Okay, but you’re going to be front and center early Sunday morning.”

“I know dad…I know.”

“Good and pull your daggone pants up boy. How many times I have to tell you that?”

Nate hurried to meet his best friend and right hand man Josh around the corner opposite from the bus stop where they caught the bus to school. Josh was sixteen and had a car that was given to him as an early birthday gift from his father. It wasn’t a Benz or anything like Josh and Nate dreamed about owning, but it got them around when they needed it. It was a red and black 2009 Ford Mustang, Josh had pimped it out with twenty inch rims, tinted windows, and a wing on the back.

“What up Nate?” Josh said, after Nate got in the car and they gave each other dap.

“What up J? Nigga I barely got outta the house this morning.” Nate told him.

“Pops trippin’ again?”

“You already know, he pissed cause I didn’t help him clean the church last night.”

“Well it was worth it, Damien called, and he wants to meet wit us.”


Joshua looked at his watch. “We supposed to be there like now nigga.” He replied.

“Step on it then, time is money, and I like my money.”

When they arrived at Damien’s place Nate’s nerves started trying to get the best of him. He and Josh had been slangin’ and pushin’ Damien’s products for the past three years, not once had they been summoned to his personal office for a sit down. So they knew whatever Damien wanted was pretty serious. Nate had started out as a young buck in this game, most would think it was for the money. The money Nate liked and thought was better than good, but he did it more so for the recognition, just being able to separate himself from being the almighty Pastor Paul Wilkins Sr. son was the greatest feeling ever. As they rode the elevator to Damien’s office Nate visualized having a dope ass crib like this one day.

“Fellas fellas come on in, have a seat, make yourself at home.” Damien extended his hand to the two burgundy leather seats in front of his desk.

Damn this nigga livin’ the life. Nate thought

Nate was mesmerized by the scenery, Damien was living it up. His office was bigger than Nate’s family’s entire apartment. He had a large mahogany wooden desk, burgundy chairs a burgundy reclining office chair. A large flat screen TV with an X-Box hooked up to it, smaller flat screen TV’s all around monitoring video surveillance. Plush black carpeting, a stripper pole in the middle of the floor, a wide see through fish tank with some of the illest fishes. The only place Nate had ever seen fishes like this was on the discovery channel.

“Man if this is what being a hustler gets you, then I ain’t stoppin no time soon.” Nate thought he was thinking to himself, but Damien, Josh, and Damien’s two goons at the door heard him.

“You like what you see?” Damien asked looking directly at him.

“Hell yeah!” Nate excitedly remarked. “You doing yo’ damn thang fa real.” he blurted.

“Yep…yep…yep and you keep grindin like you doin, you gone be on the same level.” Damien commented, making Nate so hyped he was flipping on the inside, but on the outside he was cool. One rule to business in the streets, never show weakness or get too excited.

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