You Ain't Bout Dat Life(48)

By: Tisha

“Desire I…I...I didn’t mean to hurt your mom and what happened with Josh was just business nothing personal.” Nate admitted.

“Maybe it was just business to you, but I loved Josh Nate, he loved me. How could you be so heartless and take the life of the one nigga who really had your back for a few dollars.”

“Look there’s no need to get into this Desire. I did what I did, I have to spend the rest of my life in here thinking about it, wishing I could go back, but I can’t and neither can you. So do us both a favor, get over it, let it go, and move on. Don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned with anger and bitterness over my decisions. I am sorry I caused you so much pain, I wish I could turn back and make things right…I do, I just hope and pray you’ll someday be able to forgive me and live a better life than one you’ve known all these years. And I’m sorry for what PJ did to you I wish you would’ve told me earlier and I would’ve handle him for you.”

“Oh you mean like you handle Josh for Damien?” Desire snapped.

She wasn’t amused by Nate’s apology, but she did hear him loud and clear and knew in her heart that was the best he was able or willing to give. Desire didn’t say another word, Nate called the guard over to let them know his visit was done. They took Nate away and twenty minutes later they escorted PJ into the visitor room, he sat across from Desire looking at her licking his lips.

“My…my…look how thick you’ve gotten.” PJ said.

Desire looked at him carefully and exhaled before speaking. She noticed that he had a cut from one of his ears to the next that looked freshly healed.

“So someone finally gave you what you deserved I see.” She said bitterly.

“Desire I already know why you’re here, and it’s not gonna happen.” PJ blurted.

“What you talking about Paul Jr.” Desire knew he hated being called that.

“I’m not apologizing to you, I don’t owe you one. You were just as responsible for what happened as I was. All those times you walked around me in those lil’ ass shorts shaking your hips, you wanted someone to tame that kitty so I gave you what you asked for.” PJ snickered looking at her breasts. “Damn what I wouldn’t give just to hit that one more time.” PJ didn’t care who heard him; his secret was out now so there was no reason hiding it anymore.

“You are a sick bastard PJ I was just a little girl and you took advantage of me!” Desire yelled.

“Yet you never told me to stop and when I asked if you liked it you’d always nod yes. The only time you had a problem was when other little niggas started showing interest in you. When you moved on so did I.”

“Yeah too little girls younger than me.”

“And everybody knows that, what’s your point?” PJ was not backing down.

“Bye PJ I shouldn’t never came here, but I wanted you to know you didn’t break me. I am moving on, I will be successful, I will have a wonderful husband, and a happily ever after. I hope you and Nate rot in here and die a painful, slow death.” Desire stood up and spit in his face. “Let’s go Jada!” she barked.

A week later she and Jada got on a plane headed to Atlanta Georgia ready to start their college life at Spelman University. With their grades they could’ve gone to any college they wanted, but they chose Spelman because they felt they’d be able to focus on their studies, figure out who they are, and get their lives back on the right track without the distraction of a bunch of horny and overly eager boys dictating their every thought, feelings, and moves.

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