You Ain't Bout Dat Life(5)

By: Tisha

“You fa real man?” Nate questioned.

“As a heart attack. You came in to the organization and did in three years what took me five to do. You are my most loyal and most dedicated hustler. You got my whole team lookin up to you like a boss and I can’t even be mad. You on yo’ grind man and I respect that.” Damien shook his hand.

“Thank you…thank you.” That was all Nate could say.

“Oh I ain’t done yet, since you’ve completed everything I asked you to do and you’ve proven your loyalty. I am making you my head nigga that means when I’m not in charge you call all the shots, which shouldn’t be hard since you already doing that anyway.”

“I don’t know what to say man!” Nate was speechless, here he was a semi-privileged, church going, Pastor’s son being handed down the torch to a lucrative street empire. He was happy in a way, but he also wondered if he had what it took to handle the responsibilities Damien had laid out and given him. This game was no joke and one screw up could mean his life and the lives of anyone else around, so he had to come with it strong and hard.

Damien went over everything else he needed for Nate to know, he gave Josh instructions to watch Nate’s back and front at all times. After that Nate thought they’d be excused, but Damien gave one more order he wanted them to carry out.

“Oh yeah and keep doing that school and sports thang. I got enough dummies working for me and it’s a good cover up in case you’re ever cornered by the feds.” Damien said. “Not only that but all street niggas ain’t idiots ya feel me?” Damien shot his eyes at Nate then over at Josh.

They nodded.

“Good now get outta here and go learn something. I’ll catch you lil’ niggas lata.

He then looked at Nate again and said, “We’re gonna make a lot of money together.”

Nate said, “Bet.” And proceeded to leave.

When Josh and Nate arrived at school there were twenty minutes left in their homeroom class. Nate wasn’t fazed, after all it was homeroom nothing serious ever happened and his swag kept them from getting in trouble.

“Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Whitmore this is the second time this week you’ve been late. One more and I’ll have to call your parents to find out what’s going on.” Their homeroom teacher Ms. Fletcher stated.

“Ms. Fletcher come on now, are you really gonna snitch on little ole me?” Nate asked, with a sly smile. It was no secret that he had a crush on Ms. Fletcher and the whole school thought the feeling was reciprocated. Because he was always able to charm his way out of anything with her. “Come on I’m sorry I’m late you know I’ll make it up to you.” Nate whispered winking and licking his lips.

“Have a seat, you get a pass this time but don’t make this a habit. It’s not fair to the other students.” She ordered.

“Yes Ma’am.” Nate joked.

“I told you about calling me ma’am. It’s Ms. Fletcher.”

“Got it.”

Ms. Fletcher hated being called ma’am Nate knew that, but did it anyway to ignite a fire under her ass. Ms. Fletcher was a beauty, tall about five feet seven, with beautiful almond colored skin, deep penetrating brown eyes and full lips Nate wished he could taste just once because at twenty six she had a perfect body. Perky breasts that always sat up and stared him straight in the face, an ass the shape of an onion and size of a watermelon, and her voice, oh God her voice was enough to drive any horny young nigga like Nate crazy. Every day Nate had a battle between his mind and that pole between his legs, it was his goal one day to take Ms. Fletcher somewhere and screw her brains out, but for now he’d be a good boy…he was gonna try at least.


After homeroom Nate passed Desire in the hallway and motioned for her to come here, as he and Josh posted up against the lockers. Desire knew Nate and Josh had strolled into school late and he wanted to make sure she wasn’t gonna snitch.

“Don’t say a damn thing.” He said passing Desire a wad of money rolled with a brown rubberband.

“Whatever.” Desire snapped taking the money and going on about her business.

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