You Ain't Bout Dat Life(6)

By: Tisha

Desire didn’t need to count it, she knew it was five hundred. This was what Nate always paid her when he knew she had dirt that could get him in trouble. No words needed to be spoken to solidify their agreement. This was definitely right on time because she had a nail appointment after school and was down to her last couple dollars from the allowance her aunt and uncle gave her out of the child support they forced her mother to pay them. Now she was able to get a full nail treatment which was always better. When the last bell for first period rang Desire had intentions of rushing out, going to her locker, and heading to her next class which was across campus. That plan was bombarded by Josh blocking her in the doorway of her teacher’s room.

“What up Desi? Damn you gettin thick girl!” Josh said, Desire knew he meant it as a compliment, so she paid him no mind. Desire has known Josh since she was a kid and up until this moment she’d always thought he looked at her as just Nate’s lil’ cousin.

“Girl what you been doin to ya’self?” Josh gave her the once over, making her blush.

For the longest time she’d had a crush on Josh, but after years of being teased by him and Nate, she let that go. Now she wouldn’t be able to entertain the idea of being with him, even If she wanted too.

“Hey babe lets go!” Her boyfriend fifteen year old Kevin Henderson approached.

“Give me a minute. Wait by the locker.” She told Kevin.

“Are you serious? We gotta go right now or did you forget that?” Kevin asked grabbing her arm.

“I just need a minute Kevin, it won’t take long promise.” Desire rubbed his chest, giving him an innocent smile.

“All right hurry the hell up, I ain’t got all day to be waitin’ on yo’ ass.” Kevin snapped.

After Kevin walked off Josh bust out laughing.

“What so damn funny?” She asked offended.

“You know you need a real man right?” He questioned.

“Kevin is a man Josh.”

“That ain’t no man, it looks like that nigga still let his mama pick out his clothes. And if he keep that attitude up towards you, I’m gonna handle that nigga.” Josh insulted.


“Look no offense but you could do so much better. You deserve better, when you’re ready for a real man to take you to the next level…I’ll be waitin.” He leaned in to hug Desire and softly kissed her neck. Desire’s body shivered and chills shot up her spine, she prayed that Kevin hadn’t seen that.

“What was that?” Kevin asked once Desire approached him standing at her locker with his arms folded.

“He had to tell me something in my ear.” She lied.

“Well y’all looked too damn close to me.”

“Kevin it’s nothing to get all hyped about all right?”

“I hope not Desi, I don’t need you being that kind of girl.” Kevin’s statement threw Desire for a loop and she immediately went into defense mode.

“What kinda girl would that be Kevin?” she barked putting her hands on her hips.

“The kind that get around.”

“Are you serious? I’ve known Josh since we were kids!”

“And that didn’t look like interaction between just friends to me.”

“I don’t care what it looked like to you, I’m done with this conversation. And if you ever refer to me as a hoe again, we’re through.” Desire got her book out of her locker, slammed it shut, and walked off leaving Kevin standing there looking stupid.

Kevin and Desire had been together for almost four months, they were known to bump heads, most people thought it was because Desire was sixteen and Kevin was fifteen. Up until that day however things between she and Kevin was fine. That day changed everything within seconds, as she walked to class all she could think about was Josh. The way he held her and the way he kissed her. She started comparing him and Kevin and weighing the pros and cons. Kevin is five feet six inches tall, not into sports, brown skinned with, brown eyes, bald headed, doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body, goes to church every Sunday faithfully, and not really that into style and fashion. Josh on the other-hand is six feet tall, has smooth mocha skin, green eyes, full lips, braids touching his neck that he always kept fresh and evenly shaped, always rocks the hottest labels and the best running back on our football team.

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