You Ain't Bout Dat Life(7)

By: Tisha

She’d seen him shirtless a couple times when he and Nate hung out at the house and it was hotter than fish grease, so she thought he had the body of a god, but again she never thought he noticed her beyond being Nate’s cousin. She refused to put too much emphasis on the materialistic things because that wasn’t all that important. She didn’t want to be like her mom, allowing men to treat her any kind of way for material things and money. Desire personally rather work and earn the things she had when she got old enough. In the meantime her allowance and her cousin’s stacks came in handy. Her interaction with Josh and her conversation with Kevin afterwards had her reeling with emotion. She tried to play it cool for the rest of the day, but her mind wouldn’t allow it. After school as they waited for the bus to take them to the nail salon, her best friend Jada, her only female friend…. noticed something was up.

“Girl what’s up with you?” Jada asked.

“Nothing…why you ask that?” Desire stuttered.

“Desi the only time you’re this quiet is when some ish is going down with you and Kevin. What he do this time? Is he still trying to control everything you do?” Jada asked.

Kevin had a bossy temper like he came from an environment of bickering between his parents. He’d never put his hands on Desire, but the bossing around, and judging like he’d done earlier was a regular.

“Well girl this ish is crazy, I don’t even know where to begin.” Desire rubbed her temples.

“The beginning will suffice just fine.” Jada replied.

As they continued waiting Desire told Jada everything that had gone down earlier that day. By the time she finished the bus pulled up, they boarded it, and sat all the way to the back.

“So what you gonna do?” Jada asked. “Are you gonna stay with Kevin, or get with Josh?”

“I don’t know, I don’t want things to be weird between me and Josh.”

“Desi it’s already weird the man kissed you.”

“Tell me something I don’t know. I gotta think about this J. What would you do?”

“That’s an easy answer since I can’t stand the way Kevin bosses you around and pretends like he’s this great person in church every Sunday and Josh is fine as hell, sexy as hell, probably got a good pole between his legs, and can get us off this damn bus. Boo I say that choice is a no brainer…if I were you I’d go with Josh, but you gotta do what’s best for you.”

“Thank you but that ain’t help…. you know. I don’t pick boys based off looks or material things.” Desire reiterated.

“I know but every woman needs a man to wine and dine her Desi, don’t let your mom’s effed up choice in life blindside you. We’re supposed to be showered with love, respect, and gifts from men who say they love us. My mom works hard, but my daddy still takes great care of her, me, and my sister and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“I get that I guess I’m just gonna have to sleep on this before making any decisions.”

“All right well you do what you need to do but in the meantime I have plans tonight so I hope these nail people don’t take too long.” Jada stated.

“What you up to tonight?”

“Nothing much, it’s just something I’ve putting off and can’t put off any longer.”

“Oh okay well you know I’m here if you need me.” Desire nudged Jada.

Jada nodded and smiled. “I know but I don’t think I’ll need your help tonight.”

As the nail technicians did their nails, Jada and Desire talked more about boys, marriage, kids, and what they wanted for the future. It was clear they both had the same desires when it came to wanting a man to marry them out of love and respect and not just for what was between their legs. They wanted men who had careers and not just dope boy ambitions, which was a hard one since almost every boy they knew were dope boys and the ones that weren’t were assholes like Kevin. After their nails were finally done, they caught a cab back home and Jada rushed off to do whatever she had planned for tonight. Desire went to her room, did homework, and spent the rest of the night thinking about Kevin and Josh trying to figure out what her next move was going to be.

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