You Ain't Bout Dat Life(8)

By: Tisha


Jada showered, then danced in front of the mirror to her favorite jams, while she rubbed her body down with scented oils. She fumbled through her closet looking for something to wear that would turn Nate on. After twenty minutes she finally found something she was sure would make Nate very pleased. Nate had promised Josh they’d try out for basketball together, after tryouts were over Nate immediately rushed to the locker room.

“Where the fire nigga?” Josh asked catching him by the lockers.

“Just hurry up man I got things to do tonight.” Nate responded.

“Hold up nigga, don’t you mean we got things to do?”

“Nah this a solo thing, I don’t need you watching my back or my front.”

“Oh…I get it….who is she?”

“None of yo’ damn business now let’s jump in the shower so we can get outta here.”

“All right man damn calm down it ain’t that serious.”

“Don’t hate on me cause you ain’t gettin’ laid.” Nate joked slapping him on the back.

“Oh don’t worry I will be soon.” Josh remarked thinking about Desire.

“Yeah okay.”

Nate and Josh rushed to shower and get dressed. Afterwards they drove around the neighborhood until Nate finally asked Josh to stop.

“Drop me off right here.” Nate said.

“You’re near an alley nigga.” Josh looked at him suspicious.

“Just do it, I know what I’m talkin’ bout.”

“You so damn secretive today, but all right call me if ya need me. I’m hitting these streets. Er’body ain’t gotta rich pastor providing for they family. Ya feel me?”

“Nigga we ain’t rich.” Nate barked.

“Yeah right, don’t knock it just cause y’all livin’ here.”

“Exactly nigga if we were rich we’d be living like Dame. I still can’t get over that nigga’s crib man.”

“I know. We’ll be there when we’re supposed to get there.”

“I want that bad man.”

“Nate go have fun and stop worrying about what we don’t have yet.”

“I’ll see ya later. You know I’m hitting the streets before I hit the sheets.”

Nate waited until Josh pulled off, then he ran to Jada’s house. He didn’t want anyone seeing him, so they could grill him about going to Jada’s. Nate knew deep down that he probably shouldn’t have been going over there. Since she was in fact Desire’s best friend and had spent many nights at their house like a member of the family, but he couldn’t help it. He needed to get laid, she was primed, and ready and that thought alone made his tool hard as a rock. Jada was sitting on the couch, watching TV, and had started growing impatient when finally there was a knock on the door. She blushed, jumped up, and rushed to answer it. When she saw Nate standing there she blushed even harder.

“Damn somebody happy to see me?” Nate commented smiling.

“Took you long enough, get in here.” Jada grabbed him by his shirt, pulling him inside.

Her parents and sister were out of town for the weekend, but she didn’t want her neighbors seeing a boy at her house. They would’ve snitched soon as her parents returned.

“You like my outfit?” Jada asked spinning in front of him, as he sat on the couch.

“Hell yeah!” Nate replied, licking his lips.

Jada wore a denim mini skirt, hot pink heels, and a blouse that showed off her breasts perfectly. Her hair was flat ironed and curled slightly at the ends. Her beautiful pecan colored skin sparkled thanks to the glitter oil, her brown eyes twinkled every time she smiled, and those high structured cheek bones made Nate wonder what that mouth do.

“You fine as hell girl. Damn!” Nate got up, holding his steel, approaching her. “You ready?”

“For what?” Jada joked walking away from him.

“Come mere lil’ Mama don’t play wit’ me like that.” Nate demanded, following her.

“I thought we could at least talk for a while Nate.”

“Girl I ain’t come over here to talk, hell we can do that on the phone.”

Jada saw the seriousness in Nate’s eyes and knew there was no getting around this. She started to wonder if she’d made a mistake inviting him over. She watched nervously as Nate pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his chiseled coffee brown, pulsating chest, and six pack abs. He slowly untied his grey sweats, dropped them and his boxers to the floor. His penis sprang out full force, the bulging veins, let Jada know he was ready for action. Her cootie cat started twitching with a slight ache. She got scared thinking about what he was going to do once he got inside her.

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