You Ain't Bout Dat Life(9)

By: Tisha

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” Nate promised, grabbing her hand, pulling her over to him.

“I’m scared.” Jada admitted.

Nate put a condom on, sat her on his lap, with her back facing him, he slowly kissed the back of her neck, and massaged her perky little breasts through her shirt. He pulled at her blouse until the buttons snapped off, and removed the shirt, then he lifted her, and pulled her panties down. Jada laid back, resting her head on his chest, as he tried to enter her. She was so tight he was having a harder time than he thought it would be.

“Damn baby you a virgin?” Nate questioned.

“Yeah, thought you knew that.” Jada nodded.

“Awe crap.” Nate groaned thinking about the repercussions that would come after he finished with Jada.

He knew she was young that was no secret, but the way she flirted and interacted with the boys around the neighborhood he thought she’d been laid at least once. This would be the third time he screwed a virgin and just like the other two he was sure Jada would be chasing after him like a lost puppy when I was all over. There was nothing he could do about that now, he was rocked, and ready to roll. Realizing he wasn’t gonna get inside her with the condom on and not worried about catching anything. He snatched the condom off, lifted her off his lap, and got up.

“Lay down.” Nate instructed pointing at the couch.

Jada silently did what she was told, her body was already shaking and trembling which further let Nate know this was her first time.

“Relax girl damn.” Nate fussed, laying over top her. He put one of her legs underneath his, threw the other leg over the back of the couch, and placed the tip of his hard tool at her opening.

“O…Ouch…Nate!” Jada pushed on his leg trying to back him up, as he slowly pushed inside her.

“Move your hand.” Nate snapped. He grabbed her hands and held them over her head.

“Ah…that hurts!” Jada yelled as Nate continued pushing inside her. “Nate please…please stop.” Jada pleaded as he went deeper.

Tears fell from her eyes and rolled down her face, as a pang shot through her. Nate placed his lips on top of hers and slowly slid his tongue in her mouth, he gyrated his hips as her precious, virginal spot started getting wet. The wetter she got the more he sped his strokes, a few minutes later Jada closed her eyes, no longer in pain, enjoying the pleasure.

“Nice of you to finally join us.” One of Nate’s dope boys said when he approached their corner.

“I had thangs to take care of nigga, mind yo’ fricken business and get back to work.” Nate barked.

“You got it boss.”

Josh who’d been covering for Nate and holding things down, came up behind Nate, smacking him hard on the back.

“I’m surprised to see you so soon.” Josh joked.

“Oh don’t worry I handled business, she was a virgin so you know I split that cocchie wide open.” Nate boasted.

“Damn nigga why you ain’t let me in on that?” Josh asked.

“Wasn’t that kinda party bruh, but next time.” Nate and Josh slapped five.

“Let’s get to work…time is money.” Nate reminded.


Paul Jr. got up early that following Saturday morning, showered, and got ready for work. He went downstairs and poured him a bowl of cereal, he never stuck around for the breakfast his mom cooked. Because they woke up late and he liked to get to work early so he wouldn’t miss out when the women and little girls came. Paul has been working as park security since he graduated high school a year prior. Everyone thought he was the perfect person for the job, due to his six foot three frame, chiseled milk chocolate skin, and strength of a lion. They had no clue that this was more than just a job for P.J.

“Hey Mr. PJ.” A little girl said later that evening.

“How ya doing CeCe?” PJ asked.

“I heard you were giving all the kids free hotdogs, chips, cotton candy, and sodas the other day?” CeCe blushed and her eyes twinkled.

“Yeah I was, I was so disappointed you missed it.” PJ kneeled down facing her.

“Did you save me some?” CeCe backed away from him, putting her hands on her young eleven year old hips.

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