4-Ever Mine (4-Ever #2)(2)

By: Jayne Rylon

Still, the thrill lingered. Especially when he got in a mood like this.

Reed rolled his T-shirt until it looked more like a short length of rope than something capable of covering his broad shoulders and sculpted back. He held the length in his fists and gave her that look. The one that melted her panties, when she was wearing any.

“Put your hands over your head. Now.”

She complied instantly.

He took his time winding the soft material, which smelled of him, around her wrists, knowing she loved the anticipation of the binding nearly as much as the act itself. And when he finally drew his simple knot tight, trapping her arms together, she shivered.

“You really do love that, don’t you?” He kissed the tip of her nose before trailing his hand down the center of her body, directly to her pussy. His message was clear. Her entire body was on display, his to do with whatever he pleased.

Andi nodded, biting her lower lip to keep from screaming when his palm cupped her mound and his middle finger traced her slit.

“Damn straight you do. You’re soaked already.” He bent then, filling his mouth with her nipple, using his tongue to toy with it until it was rock-hard and aching. As he did, he inserted his finger into her, slowly boring deeper as he coated himself with her arousal.

After being completely spoiled by three men and their impressive cocks, a finger wasn’t going to hold her over for long. Andi whimpered and tried to raise her pelvis in an attempt to force Reed deeper.

“You need more?” he asked, knowing full well she did. They both did.

“Please, Reed.”

“That’s better.” He grinned before nipping the pebbled tip of her breast and sliding over to give her other one the same treatment. “Now I’m starting to think you really did miss me.”

“Fuck me and I’ll show you just how much I love your cock, Reed.” Andi wasn’t sure when she’d grown bold enough to talk to him like that. It had happened slowly, over the course of the past twelve months.

He grinned. While he clearly enjoyed knowing she could take what he was dishing out plus give as good as she got, when she displayed that same sexual directness with the other guys, it blew them away. Simon especially seemed to like it when she got aggressive, demanded satisfaction, and wrested power from him.

Being with Reed made her a better lover for her other lovers.

Although the times the four of them had sex together were some of her favorite escapades, she adored their individual relationships as well. Their unique dynamic worked for them. More than worked.

Andi was thriving.

She spread her legs in invitation.

“Is this what you want?” Reed knelt between her thighs, raising his torso far enough that she could see him fisting his cock, pumping the last bit of stiffness into it that he’d need to penetrate the rings of muscle at her entrance, which were tense with expectation.

She nodded.

“Say it. Ask for it,” he directed.

“Please give me your cock. I want to feel it deep inside me. Spreading me open and making me come so hard that you can’t help but join me,” she murmured.

“Damn, Andi. You’re getting awfully good at that.”

She winked.

He responded by feeding his cock into her pussy, inch by inch.

There. Now he was truly home.

“Shit. Yes. I missed you so much.” He grunted as he seated himself fully within her. Only when he’d locked them together did he pause to make love to her mouth with his own. Then it seemed like he couldn’t get enough.

Reed deepened the contact of their lips and ransacked her mouth with his tongue.

All she could do was accept the onslaught of pleasure. As if to remind her, he leaned on her bound hands, which raised her chest, grinding it against his. The pounding of his heart on her breast startled her.

She opened her eyes and stared into his as he showed her just how much she could impact him. His cock jerked within her, despite the fact that he hadn’t started moving and simply held her impaled on his thick shaft.

Andi clenched around him, massaging him with her pussy. When he groaned, she smirked.

“Oh, you think that’s funny?” he growled.

She nodded and did it again.

His eyes were in danger of rolling back in his head, or at least she thought they were. But she didn’t get the best view because just then he pulled out of her, making her gasp at the sudden emptiness. “No, come back. I’ll be good, I promise.”