4-Ever Mine (4-Ever #2)(3)

By: Jayne Rylon

Reed chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m not going far.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist and rotated her so that her face was buried in her pillow. She knew better than to move her arms from over her head. That might have been the only thing that kept her on his good side.

Whatever tricks she tried to play on Reed, he’d always one-up her. She loved that she could do anything she liked, and he’d always conquer her again. He could handle all of her. She braced herself, prepared for a spank or two dozen, but when his hand landed on her ass it wasn’t to slap it. She tried not to be disappointed.

No, he killed her with sweet caresses she would have expected from Cooper, not Reed.

Who was this man?

When she peeked over his shoulder, she found Reed after all. This time he did send sparks of delicious heat through her ass with his hand. “Did I tell you to turn around?”

“No, sir.” She whipped her head forward again.

“You tease me, I tease you.” He trailed a single finger down her crack, then flicked it over her clit.

Andi moaned and spread her knees wider.

He laughed. “We’ll see how long you want more for.”

When she would have asked what he meant, he answered by showing her. Reed rolled to his back on the bed, between her legs, and drew her down so he could bury his face in her pussy. He wasn’t messing around.

Instead, he went straight to suckling her clit with the exact amount of pressure she preferred. He wasn’t trying to draw things out. He was trying to make her come. At least that’s what she thought until her thighs trembled on either side of his neck and her channel began to clench around the fingers he’d worked back inside her.

At the exact moment she screamed his name, he stopped.

“No!” she shouted, and kicked her feet.

Reed’s big palm came down on her ass then. He mumbled against her soaked flesh, “Not so fast.”

“Please,” Andi begged. She wasn’t sure exactly what words came out of her then. Whatever they were, they must have been effective. Reed took up where he’d left off, bringing her to the very edge again before raking his teeth over her clit and stealing the urgency from her gathering muscles.

He hummed against her pussy, then started again.

Andi lost track of how many times he brought her to the brink of orgasm. All she knew was that if she didn’t have him soon, she would die. Or beg him to call one of the other guys home to do the job for him.

She sagged against the bed, unable to hold herself up when every molecule of her being was focused on the pulsing between her legs. Only then did she realize Reed had moved. Where was he? She didn’t dare peek.

Couldn’t stand it if he delayed her release any longer.

“That’s better,” he crooned from behind her as he aligned their bodies, her ass to his pelvis. “This time, we’ll come together. Deal?”

Andi could only nod, unable to speak if it wasn’t to scream his name.

Reed bent over her, his strong chest blanketing her back. The fingers of one of his hands wrapped carefully around her throat while the other aimed his cock at her core. He rubbed the blunt tip up and down her slit, gliding against her clit several times before notching it at her entrance.

It took every shred of willpower she possessed not to rock back and force him inside. It was worth it when he plunged into her, claiming her with a single fluid stroke that would have been impossible until he’d nearly drowned himself to ensure she was wild with ecstasy.

“Yes!” he shouted. “Fuck, yes. You’re so tight and hot on my cock.”

Andi shuddered, already on the verge of exploding.

“I knew I’d never last long. Even after a few days, I forget how incredible it is to be with you like this. And when my dick is back in this pretty pussy, all I want to do is flood it with my come so you know who you belong to.” Reed grunted as he fucked her. Hard. “Us. You belong to us.”

She did.

And her body prepared to admit it.

Andi’s toes curled and she bit the T-shirt binding her hands to keep herself grounded.

“You’re ready to come? With me?” Reed rasped against her neck—grazing it with his teeth—ensuring that even if she hadn’t been before, she would be then.