4-Ever Mine (4-Ever #2)

By: Jayne Rylon


Andi roused from a very pleasant, very naughty dream to an even more mind-blowing reality. A warm hand brushed her hair aside and someone placed a kiss on her bare shoulder before crawling into bed with her. The instant the man wrapped himself around her, she knew which of her three boyfriends it was—Reed.

“Mmm.” She cuddled against him. If her ass brushed his groin long enough to make his cock harden, she couldn’t be sad about that. “Gooooooood morning.”

“It’s about to be.” He ran his hand from her hip up her side until he could cup her breast in his palm. He had a thing for her chest that she didn’t mind indulging. In fact, Andi intentionally squirmed in his hold, angling her torso so he had better access to her skin, which was warm and supple from being nestled under the duvet of the bed she often shared with her roommates-turned-lovers.

She blinked, waking up more by the second. Reed’s bold caresses were better than her precious Columbian coffee at drawing her into the land of the living. “Is it just you?”

“Yeah. Simon had an early practice with the team and Cooper is observing his boss try a case before his classes today. Disappointed?”

“Never.” She reached up and drew his face to hers so she could prove it with a scorching kiss. Reed tried to be gentle and playful, but he wasn’t Simon. He could only go a few seconds before his dominant instincts kicked in and he wrested control from her.

She didn’t mind in the least.

Reed showed her what she’d been missing while he’d been out of town negotiating with suppliers for his fledgling medical supply business. She was glad to have him here with her again. While neither Cooper nor Simon had let her get too lonely, Reed brought his own special flavor to their mix. Without it, she didn’t feel complete.

Same went when either of the other two were gone.

Did that make her selfish? Probably, but she was learning to embrace her desires instead of apologizing for them.

“Damn, Andi. I’m so glad to be home.” Reed rolled on top of her, bracing himself on his forearms so he wouldn’t squish her with his much larger body. The gesture only highlighted his muscular arms and the bulk of his quads, which knotted against her thighs.

She ran her hands up and down his biceps, reassuring herself—and him—that they were together again.

“You know, if the other two guys weren’t here with you, I’d never be able to do my job,” he whispered in between attacking her neck with feverish kisses. “I love knowing they’re taking care of you. That you’re safe and happy while I’m handling business.”

“But it’s never the same without you. Or any of them.” She hugged Reed, confident he wouldn’t be jealous that she’d admitted it. “Welcome home.”

He grinned. “I’m not quite there yet, but I will be soon.”

Reed took a moment to get rid of his pants, then assumed his original position. This time, his cock sat on her belly while he made out with her some more. Her hands wandered down his powerful back to his ass, then squeezed, trying to direct him.

Which she should have guessed would backfire.

“Don’t make me tie you up.” He growled against her chest, above her breast, as he nipped the flesh there. “We’re going to do this my way. On my schedule. That seems only fair since you’ve been getting some, but I haven’t.”

“What if I like it when you tie me up?” She wasn’t teasing. Or maybe she was intentionally prodding him in the hopes he’d follow through on his threats. Andi had come to adore being at his mercy. It was one of the things they had in common that the other two of her lovers didn’t necessarily share.

Something that was their own.

She loved fulfilling each of their particular needs, as they did for her—without judgment, fear, or hesitation.

“Well, then that’s entirely different.” Reed flashed a brilliant smile in her direction. He reached down to pluck his recently discarded shirt from the floor without getting off of her for even an instant. In fact, he seemed to let himself settle onto her more fully, impressing his entire body into hers.

“Mmm,” she purred as she rubbed upward against him, fusing their torsos as completely as possible. It hadn’t been so long ago that this was new and forbidden territory for them. After a year, she felt as comfortable fucking him as she did hanging out on the couch, or studying for difficult exams when they’d been college roommates.