5 Guardians_ The Quo (The Guardians Series, Book 5, Part 1)

By: Lola StVil



“Judge tenderly of me…”

― Emily Dickinson.


“Did you tell them about us?”

“No,” Ameana replies.


“I need more time.”

“Do you know how long it’s--”

“—Yes, I know how long it’s been, Rage,” she snaps.

Pissed, fireballs instinctively grow inside the palm of my hand. Then I remember she is the only thing I actually give a damn about. I force myself to calm down. The fire recedes from my palm, leaving a faint smoky scent in the air.

If I were to lose it and attack her, she’d sure as hell attack me back. She can be cold, calculated, and deadly.

She’d be the perfect girl if she wasn’t so… good.

“Three months is too long to wait,” I snap back.

“Yes, it’s been three months since you and I got together. But it’s also been three months since ninety percent of the Angel population got blown away.”

“I don’t care about the Angel population.”

“Yeah I know. That’s what makes you so charming.”

“You had charming. He left you for a human, remember?”

She gives me a look filled with pure, unfiltered hate. If I wasn’t an Akon, that look would have caused me to run screaming in fear.

“What did I tell you about mentioning the human?” she says in a murderous tone.

“Forget about her. I didn’t risk my life so I could stay your dirty little secret.”


“—Thomas,” I correct her.

“Everyone calls you Rage,” she protests.

“You’re not everyone.”

“You really think we can get away with being “Thomas” and “Ameana”?”

“I don’t know what we can or can’t get away with out there, but in this room, I’m Thomas and you’re Ameana.”

“It’s not that simple and you know it.”

I will never understand chicks, seriously. This is the third time she’s come to see me in a week. I am almost fully recovered from the poisonous daggers that cut into my flesh. What little medical attention I need, I can handle myself. She only comes over because she likes what’s happening between us. So why can’t she just tell them that?

Maybe there’s nothing going on between us…

Is she only coming to see me out of some stupid sense of duty? Is Ameana just being a “good” little Angel? Can this whole thing be about her guilt?

Guilt, another thing I will never understand. “Good” beings are always filled with it. I never saw the point of being weighed down by such a useless emotion.

“Ameana, you don’t have to keep coming to see me just because I saved your life,” I bark at her.

There. I have given her a way out. She’s gonna take it and run.

“You want me to go away?” Ameana asks.


“Do what you want.” I shrug.

“Just stay still,” she scolds as she addresses my wounds.

“So you’re okay being a liar?” I ask. She looks away.

Damn, I shouldn’t have said that. Now it’s uncomfortable and crap. I bet Marcus would know what to say. That guy’s full of “pretty words” to make a girl all purr and junk. He’s such a freaking pansy. I hate him. But she loved him. Maybe she still does…

“Have you heard from your ex?” I ask.

She looks back at me. Worry spreads across her perfect face. Her eyes fill with concern and dread.

Great, yet another thing I should not have said.

“Marcus is still missing,” she says, her voice filled with pain.

She’s still in love with him…

“Ameana, he’s probably dead.”

So just get that idiot out of your head.

She looks up at me and although I’m the one with the gashes across my chest, she’s the one who’s hurting.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

“Maybe he’s alive; I don’t know,” I offer.

She remains silent and goes back to dressing my wounds.

“Mood Ring boy can’t read your ex’s wave?” I ask.

“He’s been trying but all he can make out is a shadow where his wave should be.”

“What does that mean?”

“We don’t know. Rio has never seen shadow waves before.”

“What does “Hippie Hunk” think?”

“His name is Wolf.”

“Again, don’t care.”

“We had a deal. We don’t talk about Wolf or Marcus.”

“I want to change the deal.”


“It’s not working for me.”

“Well it’s working just fine for me.”

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