Sleepless Nights (Wrath MC Book 1)

By: Amanda Heath



I knew in my gut today was going to suck. It was this feeling I got when I first woke up. My palms were sweating and I had this never-ending sinking stomach sensation. I also reached for Victor, my ex-boyfriend who I haven’t spoken to in a year. He was always my blanket of safety, even when I was little. I think I’ll always wake up and reach for him.

But there are some things you can’t forgive.

I got up a whole hour before I had to this morning. I went through my entire morning routine, but very slowly. I was dressed and in my car thirty minutes before I had to be. I took a longer way to work and got there fifteen minutes before I had to.

I let myself and my husky Chuck into the vet office I own, walking him to the huge fenced in backyard that is a part of the place. We act as an animal-boarder too, so the huge yard is a must.

I relieved the overnight attendant ten whole minutes before I had to. I tried to eat a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast but I couldn’t stomach it. My coffee didn’t even seem to calm me down.

So like the woman I am, I just went with it. There is no point wanting the other shoe to drop when I had several things I needed to take care of. It was Friday after all. Two whole days off and away from the noisy place where I make my living.

But I should have wanted to get it over with. I actually should have stayed at home but I never listen to my gut. The damn organ seems to get me into way too much trouble.

My first clue that my “something ominous” was about to happen was when my receptionist, Danielle, burst into the exam room. I had a kitty with some blockage and she startled us both. She actually startled my client so badly the kitty pooped on me.

I looked at Danielle like I wanted to murder her. I handed the kitty over to its owner and headed into the small bathroom in the hallway. Danielle followed me. “Okay so there is this really hot guy in the front room. He says he doesn’t have an appointment. So I asked him what was wrong with his pet and he told me he doesn’t have a pet. Now he refuses to leave and wants to speak to you.”

I scrub my arm up to my elbow with disinfectant soap and take in what she’s saying. I assume it’s Victor because no other really hot guy would come looking for me. Maybe four years ago I might have had another guess but I really didn’t need to bring up that blast from the past.

“Tell him I’ll be right out,” I tell her absently as I continue to scrub. When I was finally done I made my way to the front.

My second clue should have been the motorcycle rumbling outside. Goose flesh breaks out over my skin and the sinking feeling gets worse. It’s been four years since I’ve heard that noise. Four long years that I pretended not to think about. That time in my life I’m not proud of.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the front window. My eyes caught on the black motorcycle boots on a pair of toned legs. I knew he’d be wearing some metal band t-shirt and his black hair would be in his face. His dark blue eyes would take me back and the sensory overload that was his tattoos would give me a headache.

“Glossy. Can I talk to you for a second?” Storm says in his grumbling low voice. His eyebrows arch up when he takes in my wide-open mouth. His long elegant nose sits between his eyes with a tiny bump in the middle. His lips tip up on one side in his infamous crooked smile.

“I don’t have any time right now. Lots of sick animals to look after. I’m sure you understand,” I tell him after I regain my composure. I tuck a few locks of my black hair behind my ear. My hair is a few shades lighter than Storm’s. Four years ago people thought the two of us were siblings considering how similar some of our features are. We aren’t related at all though.

Storm laughs and comes closer to the window. He reaches his arm over the half door and grabs my wrist gently before I can pull it away. “You ain’t really got a choice, Glossy. I got orders to bring you back to the clubhouse. We’re under lockdown.”

I try to pull my arm away but he holds it securely. “I don’t have to do shit, Storm. And stop calling me that. My fucking name is Ashley.”

Storm reaches over and twists the doorknob and pushes open the half door. He guides me around the door and drags me out the front door. I push and shove away from him but I never get anywhere. My breathing grows labored and I watch as Danielle starts to pick up the phone.

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