The Art of Wedding a Greek Billionaire (Book 5)

By: Marian Tee


My greatest thanks to God. Without Him, I’d never have found my way to writing this book.

My heartfelt gratitude as well to my partner Allen Tan and my parents and siblings.

A shout out to Liliana Rhodes, who taught me so much about, well, everything, and R.E. Butler, who is one of the most down-to-earth authors I’ve known. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Super huge thanks to This Forum I Won’t Name that I’m lucky to be a part of – I’ve learned so much from the writers there. They’re the most generous and smartest bunch of authors I’ve ever come across and I know that I would never have been able to enjoy self-publishing as much as I do now if not for all their advice and support.

As always, I’m grateful for having the chance to work with Clarise Tan of CT Cover Creations and Wendy Chan a.k.a. The Passionate Proofreader – they’ve been there for me since the very start. My sincerest thanks also go to Maxwell Author Services and all the Facebook page owners who have so generously shared my new books with their readers.

Thank you to my street team – each and every one of you has helped me one way or another and gave me the confidence to keep writing even when I feel like I no longer have the right to write for other people’s pleasure.

And lastly, thank YOU Dear Reader. Whether you’ve taken the time to reach out to me or not, know that I owe you so much! You have made it possible for me to do what I love and call it “work”. Thank you for giving me the chance to write the kind of books that I’m personally addicted to reading. Silly naïve heroines, cruel jerks as heroes, and a grand love story – I hope you never tire of them because we’ve still lots of journeys to take. So thank you, thank you, thank you and until the next time!

Part One

Chapter One

Eight days ago

Mairi Tanner was escaping. She knew tonight was the only chance she would ever get. Drake was gone, and only one of his security personnel remained, posted outside the door to her room. But he wasn’t going to be a problem.

Earlier, the nurse had given Mairi sleeping pills, which she promptly pretended to swallow. In reality, though, she had only kept them under her tongue. The moment the nurse had left, she had taken them out of her mouth and crushed them in an ice cold glass of lemonade. It had been served with her dinner, but she had opted to drink straight from the tap, knowing she would need the lemonade for her plan.

Tiptoeing to the door, careful not to make any sound, Mairi pressed her ears to the door. Snores greeted her. Her heart raced in anticipation at the sound, but Mairi suppressed her excitement. The pills had done their job, but her problems weren’t over yet.

Even though it killed her not to do anything, she went back to her bed and tucked herself in. And then she waited. The minutes ticked by. Outside, silence hummed, punctuated by random snores. But Mairi remained in bed, keeping herself still, ready to close her eyes and pretend she was asleep.

The door opened. Her eyes closed. She kept herself still as she felt the nurse move around the room. This would be the last round of checking until tomorrow morning. When Mairi heard the door close behind the nurse, she waited for a full minute before opening her eyes.

She was alone again.

Her gaze went back to the wall clock.

…thirty-five, thirty-four, thirty-three.

…three, two, one.

The minute hand moved to nine. It was time.

She got out of bed quickly, knowing there wasn’t a second to waste. She had practiced her steps over and over in her mind, knowing she couldn’t afford to make a mistake. If she failed and her aunts learned of her attempt to leave, she knew they would make it seem like she was a danger to herself. If that happened, there would be no escape. They would do it out of love, she knew, never realizing that doing so would kill her.

She needed to be with Damen Leventis.

She needed him like he was the reason her heart was able to beat for another second.

She needed him, and she no longer cared if he didn’t really need her the way she needed him.

Taking a deep breath, Mairi walked towards the door and placed her hand on the knob. Closing her eyes, she prayed, the kind that didn’t really need words. God would see through her heart. He would know it only beat for Damen now. He would understand.

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