Perfectly Imperfect

By: Fabiola Francisco

For every girl out there afraid of opening up and following her heart. Be perfectly you. There’s always another pea that fits your pod.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my story with all of you. It has been a lifelong dream and having this opportunity is a dream come true.

First of all I want to say thanks to my family and friends who helped and supported me so much throughout this journey. It has been a dream to make this happen, and I couldn’t have done it without your help and feedback.

I want to thank my parents, who have always supported me no matter what I have done. I know sometimes my ideas are crazy, but you always encourage me to follow my dreams.

To my cheerleaders, Noemi, Nina, Nikki, Jennifer, Veronica, and Aimee, without you this process would not have been as fun and exciting. I am forever grateful for you. You were patient with me and read my story with so much love and care. No matter what I needed, you were always ready to help and support me. For being my beta readers and giving me your feedback throughout this entire journey.

Thank you to my amazing friend, Jennifer, for being my Steph and for your encouragement and belief in me.

I would also like to thanks Fran Power for my beautiful cover! You did an absolutely amazing job. I am ever so grateful for your help and patience! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

A huge thanks to S.C. Stephens, K.A. Linde, and Jessica Park, the authors who helped guide me in this process and offered amazing advice to make it easier to publish my first book. They sent articles for me to read, gave me advice on where to publish, and how to go about this crazy journey. You are all an inspiration!

Chapter 1

I am startled awake by my alarm clock going off at 6:30 in the morning. Groaning I fling an arm out of the side of my bed to turn it off and keep on my blissful sleep. I feel beyond exhausted. I’ve only gotten home a couple of hours ago and drank way more than I intended to, especially for a weekday. When am I going to learn that partying all night and working all day would literally kill me from exhaustion? But there is always something to do and offers I can’t pass up. Hmmm, thinking of offers I couldn’t pass up reminds me of that delicious piece of ass I had a taste of last night… or early this morning? He knew his way around my body, touching and kissing every inch of it. I feel the moisture building between my legs just thinking about him.

Going deep in thought about the amazing sex I’d had just a few hours ago and the satisfaction I’d felt against his body, my phone rings. Damn, I think to myself moving quickly but suddenly having to lie back down from my splitting headache and my stomach turning. Yeah, definitely need to learn to control my liquor. My phone keeps shrilling from some part of my room, getting louder and louder. Whoever it is should get the hint that I am not answering and hang up. Who the hell calls at 6:30 am anyways? A few seconds later, it starts ringing again. Now just annoyed at the person on the other side calling, I brace myself for the uncomfortable feeling I am about to endure and hop out of the bed to grab my phone without thinking twice about it.

Looking at the screen I frown and answer. “Hello?”

“Hey, Mia. Are you up?!” The voice comes from the other line in almost a yell and I have to pull the phone away from my ear. My head is paying big time for last night.

It’s my best friend and coworker, Steph. “You don’t have to yell. My hearing is just fine. Why are you calling me so early?”

“Don’t you remember what day it is?” After a long pause, she sighs and says, “It’s Friday, May 11th, the day of the big interview. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. It has only been the buzz around the office for two months now.”

My eyes snap open and momentarily all unease melts off as what Steph is saying sinks in. I feel disoriented from last night. Surely I hadn’t forgotten about the interview. No wonder my alarm clock had been going off, though. Thank goodness she decided to call me, if not I would’ve slept straight through the interview and my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would have been someone else’s.

“Shit!” She lets out a long exhale and knows it has slipped my mind. How had I let such a monumental moment slip overnight? I really needed to get my personal life under control. “I’m jumping in the shower and will be ready in twenty minutes. Meet you at the coffee shop across from Powell’s before going in?”

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