By: Veronica Cane

The End of the Proletariat Rising

Chapter 1

The warm sun heated my body in such a pleasant way, my eyes shut down for a few moments and I fell into a state of peaceful slumber, until Master woke me up with a sharp smack on my ass.

"Don't fall asleep in the sun," he said "you will get burned".

I moaned disgruntled, looking up to see him leaned over me, but I got up and moved my sun lounger out of the sun to the shade provided by the umbrella, lying back down. By now, I felt more comfortable being naked on the beach, despite the weird looks I got when people noticed some of the welts on my body as well as the 'D' branded on one of my ass cheeks. There were plenty of other girls with no clothes on so I tried not to worry about it. "May I go for another swim Master?" I asked, feeling the drops of sweat rolling down my body.

"No, not now," he replied "the sun is too hot. You may go later, if we have time for that. For now you better stay in the shade." He answered, lying back on his own sun lounger.

"Yes Master."

"Anyway, I wanted to discuss something with you," he said. "What would you say if I told you we are going to extend our vacations?"

"Really, Master"? I asked, not sure this pleased me or not. "For how long?"

We had arrived the day before, from our home town's grey skies right into Ios, one of Greece's islands for a short vacation. When Master had told me about it, I had been thrilled since I had never left home before, and somehow I had expected that now that we were officially together, he would be less strict with me, but so far I hadn’t seen that.

"That depends on how we feel." He answered. "While you were in the water, I phoned my travel agent and told him we would be staying longer than expected. He will fix everything for us. I think we could stay around three weeks."

"Three weeks, Master, really?" I looked at him, surprised. I hadn’t expected to be away for that much time, I hadn’t brought enough clothes for such a long stay.

"Yes, my sweet slave, we could stay for three weeks." He grinned at me. "What do you think of that?"

"I think it's great, Master." I said, trying to sound convincingly happy and thrilled. "Why did you change our plans?"

"I decided there was too much to do and too much to see to try and do it all in a week." He explained. "I would like to take you to Istanbul, Ankara, and of course the famous Pamukkale, in Turkey, as well, I believe you would love them." Master talked about the amazing natural pools in Pamukkale, of how amazing it looks, and the thermal waters in the pools. "I will tell you all the details over lunch," Master said, "so, no more questions for now ok?"

I was brimming with questions, but I knew that tone of voice. I would be wise to keep quiet until he wanted to tell me. I hadn't forgotten this morning's spanking over the simple fact I had lingered in bed for an extra minute, and I surely, didn't want another one.

If we were going to extend our stay, we would need new clothes. Thinking about buying clothes soothed me. I loved going shopping, especially if I didn’t have to watch for the prices, so that would be a pleasant activity. I guessed he would take me shopping in Athens, and if I was lucky, he would take me on a quick tour around town, to see the Acropolis.

I sighed, pleased. Although this was only my first full day in Ios, I had been able to see just how beautiful it was, with the white houses perched on the slopes of the mountains, the narrow streets, the bluest sea and the golden sands. It was a small piece of paradise. We intended to stay here at least for a week, to get some rest, and take time to really get to know each other. But if Master also wanted to visit Turkey, then we certainly would need more than a week to explore all the places he wanted to take me.

I would most certainly need dresses for dinner and casual clothes for exploring. And shoes, I needed shoes desperately.

Mistress Sophie, a good friend of ours, had been kind and generous with what she had given me, but it was only the basic essentials. There was so much more I needed, since Master hadn’t allowed me to recover much of the clothes I used to wear before he had made me his slave. When we were at home, I didn’t need much clothing, since I was always naked and barefoot. I was only allowed to wear clothes when we went out, to the club or to whatever place Master decided to take me.

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