Dream Life(3)

By: Becca Van

“I agree,” Brigg said as he stood. “Are you coming, Raiden?”

Although he wasn’t in the mood for chitchatting, he couldn’t be bothered cooking either. He nodded as he rose, dug the keys to his truck out of his pocket, and followed his brothers to the front door.

Minutes later, they were on the way to Slick Rock.

* * * *

“This is my dream job. I’m lucky to have it,” she told herself.

Shyann sighed with exhaustion and rubbed her gritty eyes. She’d been working so hard over the last couple of months and late into the night over the past week. The new Slick Rock library had once been a church and had been sold off. The mayor had bought the place and, after it had been refurbished, placed an advert for a librarian. The sign had been hung out front the day before, and the library was due for the grand opening on Monday. It was Friday night, and while she was tired, she was also starving. She’d worked through lunch trying to get everything finished so she could have a couple of days’ rest.

She’d jumped at the chance of moving away from the horrid, grief-filled memories of her hometown of Athens, Ohio. She’d been working for the Athens Public Library for a total of eighteen months, but the last six had been the hardest time of her life.

Even now she still woke up screaming, crying, and covered in sweat, but after being assaulted a few months back, the nightmares had become a regular occurrence. Instead of enduring the past horrors once a night, she was reliving that fateful day at least twice every night.

Shyann was so consumed with survivor’s guilt and anger, she tried to keep to herself, but it was becoming more difficult to keep others at arm’s length. Enya and Jaylynn had been so good to her, and she liked them a lot, but she also had a feeling the two women were also trying to matchmake.

She’d never forget how uncomfortable and embarrassed she’d been when she’d been invited to the barbecue. She’d been seated between two of the Tremaine brothers, with the other one close by. They’d tried to converse with her, but Shyann had never been bothered with the opposite sex before. Studying and working had taken up all of her spare time, plus she’d never found someone who’d set her heart racing in her chest.

After what had happened to her parents and the pain of the loss that still lingered, Shyann wasn’t sure it was worth even contemplating getting involved with a member of the opposite sex. It would hurt way too much if her heart became tangled in an emotional web and things didn’t work out.

And yet she found herself thinking about the Tremaine men at the oddest times and regularly.

No matter how hard she tried to get them out of her head, it seemed that they were permanently etched on her brain.

It had been difficult to keep her gaze away from Raiden, Tane, and Brigg Tremaine while at the barbecue, and yet she’d found herself watching them from the corner of her eyes, continuously.

Just thinking about those three men had her heart flipping, her breathing escalating, and her palms sweating.

She’d never forget seeing them walking out the back door. She’d literally stopped breathing.

Brigg Tremaine was the tallest out of the three brothers, standing around six feet five. She guessed him to be in his low thirties. His sandy blond hair had been long enough to touch the collar of the blue shirt he’d been wearing. His blue-green eyes had been covered by sunglasses, but he must have seen or felt her watching him, because he lowered the glasses down his nose and peered at her over the top of them. He’d smiled and winked at her, and she’d quickly lowered her gaze to the ground when she’d started blushing. Brigg was solid with muscles, and while she found his bulk attractive, she’d also been intimidated.

Shyann suspected that Raiden was the eldest of the three brothers. While all three of them had similar familial features, there were enough differences for her to easily know who was whom. Raiden had lighter blond hair than Brigg. He was also a couple of inches shorter than Brigg but by no means short. He was approximately six feet three inches tall, also with green eyes.

Tane looked as if he was a few years younger than Raiden and was the shortest of the three at about six feet, one inches. He had golden blond hair, gray-green eyes, and the longest eyelashes she’d ever seen. Shyann thought it was a waste for a male to have such amazing eyelashes, especially when some women did anything and everything they could to lengthen their own.