Dream Life(87)

By: Becca Van

“Hell yes,” Tane answered. The love and happiness on his face was plain to see.

“I’d be honored to be your husband, baby,” Raiden said as he cupped her face. “I love you, too.” He bent forward and kissed her softly on the lips.

Brigg hugged her fiercely from behind. “You’re my world, Shyann. I love you so fucking much. I’d marry you tomorrow if that’s what you wanted.”


“Really,” all three of them said simultaneously.

“Can we?” Shyann asked.

Brigg eased his cock from her ass, causing them both to groan. He caressed her butt cheeks, kissed her on the lips and rolled to his feet. “I’ll start organizing everything as soon as I’ve cleaned up, darlin’.”

“Is that even possible?” She met Raiden’s gaze.

“Yeah.” He smiled and winked.

“We started the ball rolling as soon as you told us you loved us, sweetness.” Tane pulled her down toward him, covering her mouth with his.

She couldn’t help giggling with excitement.

The life she’d imagined having as a child didn’t compare to reality. She’d never thought of having more than one man in her life, but she was so happy with the three men she loved with her whole heart.

Her dream life had come to fruition, and she was going to hold on to it with both hands. She was never letting go of the men she loved or the happiness she’d found.

She couldn’t enhance perfection and didn’t even want to try.