Dream Life

By: Becca Van

Slick Rock 20

After finding her mother and stepfather stabbed to death in their home, Shyann Bowler’s scared. When the police tell Shyann her stepbrother is the murderer, she’s terrified. With her life in turmoil and her heart full of grief, she applies for a job as head librarian in the town of Slick Rock, Colorado and packs her things as soon as she’s hired.

Raiden, Brigg, and Tane Tremaine have been trying to get the beautiful Shyann to go out with them for weeks, but she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with them. However, Raiden isn’t about to give up. He finally manages to get Shyann to have lunch with them and just as they’re leaving the diner, the three brothers save her from being injured by an out of control truck.

However, things aren’t as they seem. When the Tremaine brothers realize that their woman is in danger, they aren’t about to let her out of their sight. Nevertheless, no amount of protection can save her from a crazy man.


My name is Becca Van. I live in Australia with my wonderful hubby of many years, as well as my two children.

I read my first romance, which I found in the school library, at the age of thirteen and haven’t stopped reading them since. It is so wonderful to know that love is still alive and strong when there seems to be so much conflict in the world.

I dreamed of writing my own book one day but, unfortunately, didn’t follow my dream for many years. But once I started I knew writing was what I wanted to continue doing.

I love to escape from the world and curl up with a good romance, to see how the characters unfold and conflict is dealt with. I have read many books and love all facets of the romance genre, from historical to erotic romance. I am a sucker for a happy ending.


Fear skittered up Shyann’s spine as she stepped over the threshold to her parents’ home. The silence was eerily pregnant and full of terror. She’d just finished her shift at the library and had been looking forward to spending some time with her mom and stepdad as they prepared and cooked dinner. Her stepbrother, Danny Bradley, was expected to come for dinner around seven. She used to look forward to his visits since they’d gotten on so well, but lately Danny had changed. He’d become more reserved and hardly ever spoke anymore. There was also something about his eyes that gave her the creeps. He watched Shyann and her mother with such cold calculation she was beginning to dread him coming over. She suspected he was doing drugs, but she didn’t know for sure. However, his erratic, aggressive behavior was a sure sign as was the feeling of certainty in her gut.

Shyann pushed her thoughts aside as she skirted the entrance alcove and stepped into the living room. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. While she wanted to spin around and run for her life, she pushed her trepidation aside, mentally berating herself for letting her imagination run away with her. After taking a fortifying breath, she headed for her childhood bedroom, intent on changing out of her work clothes so she could help get dinner ready. She didn’t live with her mom and stepdad anymore, but she kept some clothes in her old room for convenience. Sometimes she’d stay over on the weekend on the rare occasion to spend time with her parents. They were always so busy that didn’t happen very often.

When she was midway down the hall she stumbled to a halt, covering her mouth and nose when a horrid metallic scent assailed her olfactory senses, trying not to gag. The urge to run was strong, but she was frozen to the spot. She was trembling with terror and cold to the bone, but she was perspiring as her flight-or-fight instincts kicked in.

Without conscious thought she took a step forward and then another and another, until she was just outside her mom and stepdad’s bedroom. The door was almost closed, which was unusual because unless they were sleeping their bedroom door always remained open.

Shyann drew in a deep ragged breath through her mouth, her hand still covering her lips and nose. Finally, she found the gumption to step forward and push the door open.

Her scream of grief and horror was muffled by her hand as her knees buckled. Her ass hit the floor with a loud, painful thud, and bile burned her throat. So much blood. The walls, ceiling, bed, and carpet were drenched with the red life essence of her mom and stepfather.