The Choice(207)

By: Shayla Black

“Ms. Young?” asked an unfamiliar male.

In the background, she could hear what sounded like a commotion, footsteps pounding, machines beeping. “Yes. Where’s my dad? What’s going on?”

“He was trying to call you and…something’s happened. We need you to come immediately.”

Her breathing stopped. Her chest felt as if he’d stomped on it. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know. But you may not have much time.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” She managed to sound coherent.

Inside, she was falling apart. After a relapse, he never had another one this quickly. It was usually months, at least weeks. He’d usually rebound and feel better for a while and…

“Beck. Seth.” She tried to yell. Her vocal cords didn’t want to work. She ran toward the bedroom but turned to find them both standing in the kitchen, faces sober and grave.

They’d heard.

Heavenly tried not to cry, tried not to think the worst. “I need to go.”

“We’ll go with you,” Seth assured. “I’ll be dressed in one minute.”

She shook her head. “No time. It’s three blocks away. I can run and—”

“It’s faster if we drive you.” Beck shook his head. “I can make things happen. You want me there. No arguments.”

The guys took off for the bedroom. She followed. Beck had a point.

She tried to drag in a breath, fought not to panic as they both looked through the discarded pile of clothes to find their own. She picked up the first pair of jeans she encountered. “Who do these belong to?”

“They’re mine.” Beck held out his hand.

As she tossed the denim his way and groped for a shirt next to her foot, a thick envelope tumbled to the carpet. Sheets of paper spilled free. She picked up the pages and absently tried to fit them back together. Something in her head told her it wasn’t important and to set them aside. As she dropped them to the bed, three words at the top of the page screamed through her brain.


Horror doused her like icy water as she read on. THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE BETWEEN KENNETH EDWARD BECKMAN, HEREAFTER REFERRED TO AS “HUSBAND” AND GLORIA JANE BECKMAN, HEREAFTER REFERRED TO AS “WIFE”. THE PARTIES WERE MARRIED ON… She scanned the date, did a quick calculation. Eighteen years ago?

Seth glanced at the papers. “Fuck.”

He stiffened…but he didn’t look surprised.

Beck paled. “I can explain.”

Heavenly shook her head, grabbing the papers in her fist. “You’re…married?”

The End…for now

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