Where I Belong

By: Claudia Connor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Titan World books with stories ranging from military romance to paranormal to contemporary romance. There’s something for everyone—action-packed romance, swoon-worthy moments, and happily ever after!

When I started the Titan series, I wanted to combine my love of steamy romance and action-packed suspense. I wrote strong men and women that I hoped readers would fall in love with. I can’t think of anything more exciting than opening my world up to very talented authors to extend that experience so that you, the reader, can have a deeper connection to more than one book series at a time.

You will meet new characters and see them interact with familiar ones; you will also see the interpretation of the Titan universe through another author’s eyes. I hope that you take the time to experience each book in the Titan World series!

Now I’m happy to introduce you to Claudia Connor’s book, where her heartfelt contemporary romance meets the familiar faces of Titan characters that you know and love. Claudia is one of my oldest friends in the book world and she was one of the first authors I asked to join this project. Simply put, very few people can convey emotion and write family scenes like she can. When we first brainstormed her story ideas, I wanted to shout to the heavens for how exciting it would be for our worlds to collide. You will feel every word.

Thank you to Claudia and all the authors who took time out of their busy writing schedules to participate in this project. I think the result is something truly special for our readers.

Titan Hugs and Happy Reading,

Chapter 1

CHARLOTTE LAY facedown on the padded lounger next to the deep end of the pool. Her arms hung over the end to flip the pages of the paperback on the pebbled decking. The late August sun beating down on her back was so hot, she felt more like she was lying on the sun than in Florida.

Music played from the speakers hidden behind her in the tall mondo grass, and she could just barely make out the rhythmic pounding of the ocean. She’d planned to read for an hour, go in for lunch at noon, then go to the beach from two to four, maybe five.

She just barely resisted checking the notebook tucked in her bag where she’d written down a tentative schedule for the day. Not a schedule really, more like a list of things to do. She liked lists. She disliked being bored. She kind of sucked at vacation.

The voices of mothers and children played across the water from the shallow end. It wasn’t peak tourist season, and most schools were back in session, so only a handful of vacationers were at the pool. With her cheek resting on her towel, Charlotte smiled at the sounds, their gentle coaxing, encouragement, and mommy talk.

“Good splash, but not so close to your sister.”

“She looks precious in that hat. Look at her kick her little feet in the water!”


Charlotte’s heart jumped at the sudden greeting inches from her face. She rose onto her forearms and found herself staring into a pair of winter-sky blue eyes shining out of a bright little-boy face. He looked to be about five or six. His eyes were wide set, making it obvious he had Down’s Syndrome. His light-brown hair stood out in spikes, and a scattering of golden-brown freckles covered his little nose.

“Are you dead or ’sleep?” he asked slowly.

Smiling, she sat up. “Hi. I’m not dead or asleep. I’m awake.”

“She’d awake,” he yelled to the other end of the pool.

A pretty woman waved in acknowledgement. “I’m sorry. Kyle, come back down here and leave her alone.”

“No! She my friend.” He squatted down so he was eye level with her, water dripping from his blue-and-yellow swim trunks. “My name’s Kyle. What’s you name?”

“My name’s Charlotte.” She gathered her hair back into a ponytail. It was lighter than usual and longer, reminding her she needed a cut.

“You book’s wet, Charlotte.”

“Thank you.” She saved the paperback, which was a little wet on the edges, and laid it on the lounger by her leg.

“I can swim. You can watch me swim.” He placed both hands on flat on the decking, then slowly rose. “Watch me!”

She did, and he belly flopped right into the deep end. She stood immediately, ready to go in after him, but he surfaced and, after just a few slapping strokes, came up at the side ladder, sputtering water.