Her Russian Knight(2)

By: Red Phoenix

“So the question I have is…” He stopped, his forkful of meat only inches from his mouth. “Did you like it?” He winked at her as he enclosed his lips around the savory morsel.

Lea’s wide smile showed off her pearly whites in answer to his question. “Just see how pretty my teeth are?”

Was the girl offering herself or simply teasing him?

“Mind if I break in?”

Rytsar was pleased to see Brie standing beside them. He was a bit jealous of Thane, knowing the wicked fun they would have on the isle during their honeymoon. For now, he would have to content himself with his fantasies centered on the next time they visited the island—as a threesome.

He offered his lap to the newlywed, since there were no extra chairs at their table, but when Brie told him she preferred to stand, he immediately stood up beside her. Lea followed suit, leaving him staring at her impressive cleavage.

Rytsar began imagining what he could do to those lovely tits, and barely followed the conversation until he noticed Brie staring at him sternly. “We calmed him down…no thanks to you.”

He struggled not to laugh, secretly gloating that he had ruffled her father’s paternal feathers. Putting his hand over his heart, he asked, “I only wanted to know if my wish to become a dyadya was now a reality.”

Rytsar noticed Brie blush in pleasure.

The fact she might really be pregnant thrilled him. Rytsar had often been visited by the vision of holding her tiny child and being completely charmed by the wee one’s smile. He experienced a pleasant stirring in his heart whenever he thought about the babe.

Placing his hand on her belly, he told Brie, “When tiny radost moya is ready to marry, I will not want to dwell on it.” It was true—the thought of his niece being ravaged by a stupid boy someday totally enraged him.

With his hand still resting on her stomach, he asked with sincerity, “Should I go apologize to your father?”

“Oh, goodness, no!” She giggled. “You’ll only make things worse by bringing it up again.”

Rytsar smiled as he removed his hand, and leaned down to growl in her ear, “Married life agrees with you.”

He watched with satisfaction as Brie blushed a second time. Lea suddenly gave Brie a hip bump and announced, “The next time we see each other I’ll either be collared or living in LA.”

Rytsar’s curiosity was piqued and he asked her, “Collared by whom?”

Lea looked at him with wide, doe-like eyes but didn’t make a peep.

“Are you hoping to return to Russia with me?” he teased. He moved closer, trailing his finger slowly over the girl’s throat. “I have yet to introduce you to my cat o’ nines, Ms. Taylor. Shall we head down to the castle dungeon and see how it suits you?”

He could sense her desire and noticed as the rosy hue darkened on her magnificent chest. Oh yes, the girl was aroused by the proposition. “I see the idea excites you,” he whispered huskily, his cock already hardening at the thought of chaining her up in the dungeon. “Come with me and we can test your limits.”

“Although I’m curious…”

Rytsar was not going to take no for an answer. It was clear to him she wanted to scene as much as he did. He bit down on her shoulder, stating his dominance as he teased her senses.

“I can’t,” she gasped softly.

“But you can.”

Biting her other shoulder, he felt her resistance crumble as her body surrendered to his will. It was going to be a satisfying session…

“Come, Ms. Taylor. Let’s play.”

Rytsar walked out of the room, knowing Lea was following behind. He was already mentally planning out his scene for her as they walked across the courtyard.

From behind him, she blurted, “Hey, so there were these two girls waiting to use the bathroom. The sadist ahead of them in line winks at them as he closes the door, telling the girls, ‘This may take a while so enjoy the wait. I’ve got to shake hands with a dear friend of mine, whom I hope to introduce you both to later…’”

Rytsar shook his head as he continued to walk to the other side of the courtyard, knowing her joke was meant as a gift of sorts. Lea leaned on the comfort of silly banter, but he wanted so much more for her.