Her Russian Knight(4)

By: Red Phoenix

It allowed Rytsar to explore their limits more fully—taking him to heights he’d never experienced.

Truly, each encounter was like a small miracle. Although he had been born into violence, it had transformed into something exquisite when he scened with a submissive. They became his addiction of choice.

But the one thing he never allowed his submissives was entrance into his heart.

Tatianna was his only soulmate, and when she’d died, a vital part of him had died with her. He was incapable of love—or so he believed until he met Brie.

Radost moya was like a breath of fresh air. Knowing she was Thane’s mate allowed Rytsar to draw close to her without any emotional barriers, and that ended up being his undoing. It had surprised him the day he’d acknowledged his love for Brie.

Rytsar had confessed it to Thane that very afternoon, when his friend had rushed to pick up Brie after the incident involving the maggot who’d tried to sell a young girl at the club. How strange that by killing that pathetic excuse of a man, the action had inadvertently sparked deeper feelings for Brie.

Rytsar remembered well the conversation he’d had with Thane that day…

“Moy droog, I am heartily sorry for compromising Brie’s safety last night.”

Thane cleared his throat, obviously troubled. “I trust those who witnessed it will never speak of it again. Frankly, I have no issues about what you did as long as it doesn’t endanger her. At the very least, the reign of terror he caused ended last night. I can only hope the girl you saved survives this.”

“The maggot needed to die,” Rytsar growled in agreement. “Titov is watching over the girl now. He assures me that she is…adjusting. I can only hope. Mercifully, her parents fly in this afternoon, so I moved up her appointment for the medical procedure. No parent should have to see physical evidence that their daughter was treated like an animal.” Rytsar spat on the ground.

Thane shook his head. “The evil people are capable of is truly shocking.”

Rytsar glanced at his friend. “Both you and I have experienced it first-hand—at the hands of our own kin.”

Thane snorted in response to the truth of his statement. Looking out the window at Brie, he said, “Thank God there are still good people in the world.”

Rytsar knew the time had come to own up to his new feelings for Brie, but he was concerned how it would affect their brotherhood once Thane knew. “Comrade, I must confess that I am no longer infatuated with your woman.”

Thane chuckled, glancing back at him and shaking his head. “What, she isn’t masochistic enough for you?”

“She definitely needs more guidance in that area, but…I find it oddly attractive.”

“What is it then?”

“I am in love with her.”

If the news surprised Thane, it didn’t show on his face. He stared out the window again, gazing at Brie tied to the tree in her furry boots. Holding up his glass to her, he said, “She is worthy of your love.”

Rytsar clinked his glass against Thane’s and they downed the vodka together.

Setting his empty glass on the table, Thane told him, “To be honest, old friend, I thought it would happen long before now. But then you’ve had your guard up ever since Tatianna, so it’s understandable.”

Rytsar grabbed the bottle of vodka and poured Thane another glass before filling his. “I did not expect it,” he declared. “But when I took radost moya today it was different—I was different.”

Thane turned his attention back on Brie and stared at her, saying nothing.

“What are your thoughts, comrade?” Rytsar asked when Thane remained silent, worried it had changed the dynamic between them.

Thane glanced back at him with a smirk. “When I invited you to play with us, I accepted this would happen.” He slapped Rytsar soundly on the back. “It was inevitable, old friend.”

Rytsar raised an eyebrow. “So we are still good then, you and I?”

Thane met his gaze before he spoke. “Of course. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only natural that you should love her.”

Rytsar chuckled in relief. Knowing their threesome encounters were not in jeopardy, he was struck by a divine inspiration. Snapping his fingers, he grinned at Thane. “I know what your wedding gift will be.”