Her Russian Knight(78)

By: Red Phoenix

“Enough!” the leader said. “We’ve wasted too much time here.”

“What about these two?”

Low, sarcastic laughter filled the room. “What, you mean that invalid and the sniveling cunt? Not worth the bullets to take them out.”

Rytsar felt hands on him as he was dragged out of the hospital room. The sound of Brie quietly crying behind him was cause for rejoicing.

He had succeeded in protecting her, and Thane was alive and recovering.

That knowledge allowed Rytsar to relax as he was shoved into the waiting van outside, as the police sirens closed in.

With the song “O Fortuna” ringing in his mind, Rytsar lifted his head up and attempted a smile, tasting the blood from his broken lip. He laughed at the pain as the van careened toward his destiny. Rather than kill him, he was being delivered into the hands of the enemy.

A crack to the skull from the butt of a gun ended his reverie and he sank into the black abyss. But as the darkness closed in around him, the promise he’d written on the note Brie now held in her hand flashed in his mind.

It was his solemn vow.

Tell moye solntse to save a dance for me. ~Anton