A Kiss Before Lying 2


Chapter One: Aftermath

“Draya!” She heard Liam’s voice scream and slammed her eyes shut. Even though it had been weeks since their accident, she still heard the screaming in her head. They were fully recovered at this point, but Draya was still having nightmares. After dodging the car, she had fallen and hit her head and Liam had suffered a concussion, but now that they were medically cleared, he wanted to resume their trip to Savannah.

Although she had agreed to it, Draya knew she wasn’t up for this kind of trip. He had told her so much about his mother and she felt so much closer to Liam, but she was still afraid. She knew his mother would wonder why he was hospitalized for dodging a speeding car, and she would have no answers for her. Hell, she still had no answers for herself.

“You want to talk about it?” Liam prodded as they drove down the quiet country road to get to his mother’s. When he asked this, she knew he had been watching her and realized the dreams had started again. It had been weeks since the altercation with Damien and her parents and the nearly fatal run-in in the parking lot, but she had been quiet on the subject, trying to keep him from knowing the terrors she had been facing. They had almost been run down and they still didn’t know who had tried to kill them. She knew he didn’t want to push, but they needed to discuss it at some point; this just wasn’t that point.

“I’d rather we didn’t,” Draya answered, never turning her head to face him. “I know what everyone thinks and I’m just not up to hearing it from you too.” Feeling him slide his hand into her lap, she wanted to relax, but she was still so angry at herself for being so vulnerable in front of him the night of the opening.

After leaving the hospital, she and Liam went back to her place. A few days had passed before they could do much. But to his credit, he tried, even though it was against the doctor’s orders. He had pulled out all the stops trying to soothe her bruised ego, but she just couldn’t get into it. After all he had done and the sweet gestures he made, she just found herself climbing into bed, leaving him on the couch their first night home. She wasn’t even sure he was still there until she woke up and found him balled up.

She could tell he was uncomfortable the whole night, but when he woke, he didn’t complain. He just sat and had his breakfast before going home to freshen up. When he returned a few hours later, she had to admit, she was surprised to see him. She thought for sure she had scared him off. Even though he tried to hide it, she knew he was shaken about what had happened in the parking lot; so was she. Even with all that going on, the weeks following that night had been nothing but great until she closed her eyes at night; at that point, everything crossed her mind again.

“You have no idea what I think. You never let me speak about it.”

“Because I was afraid of what you might say. I hope you don’t think it’s my fault we almost got killed.”

“What can I say? That you’re not perfect? That you have a past? Those are things I already knew, and you didn’t almost get us killed. It could have been any drunk driver leaving the party. We threw a big shindig and people were drinking, babe.”

“I know they were, but you have to admit it was crazy timing. Hearing the way Damien blasted out everything was a little much, and then we almost get run over? I wouldn’t blame you if you walked.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Once again; everything he said, I already knew, and there was no way he would be stupid enough to try and run you over after causing a scene. Maybe I didn’t know the part about him being your first, but I knew he was an ass. He just made me realize just how much more special you truly are.”

Having her curiosity piqued, she finally faced him and he gave her thigh a gentle squeeze. “If he was your first then that makes me only the second guy you’ve ever been with. I don’t think I’ve ever had a woman this—”


“No, you’re so damn amazing. I can’t claim that I’ve only been with one woman before you; there were plenty of others, but none like you.”

“Yeah, I’m inexperienced in certain areas,” she said quietly.

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