Alien Mate 2

By: Eve Langlais

Chapter One

Lex stood in the bland transport and decontamination room, his naked body tense with anticipation as he waited for the Alpha 350 to teleport him to his intended’s location. When nothing happened, he shifted from one foot to another. “Computer, is there a problem?”

“You know, we’ve been traveling together for a few days now. Could you not call me by something less formal? Your friend Kor calls me Alphie,” said a voice from seemingly nowhere.

“You are a machine,” Lex stated for the umpteenth time.

“An intelligent one,” said the shipboard computer with a sigh.

Lex clenched his teeth. The AI unit on this vessel—artificial intelligence, his ass, more like pain in his ass—kept acting inappropriately. A machine that wants to be my friend. He almost snorted at the incongruity. Lex had already noted in the service log the need to service this model.

“Please cease with the idle chatter and transport me to my intended mate that I might bond with her and return her to our world.”

“Bit of a problem with that,” announced the AI with a hint of glee.

“What now?” Lex said unable to hide the exasperation in his voice.

“The teleporter seems to be malfunctioning.”

“Impossible. Try again.” The molecular transportation unit had worked as expected at their last planetary spot, so he saw no reason why it wouldn’t be working now.

“Try again? Are you joking?” said the computer with a realistic note of incredulity. “You want me to use a malfunctioning teleporter on you? What, you don’t like your body parts where they are?” Lex winced at the vivid image the AI’s words painted. “What do we need to fix it?”

“We can’t. We’ll need some of the techs back home.” Frustration made him tighten his hands into fists. “Unacceptable. I’m here to collect my mate. I will not return without her.” Lex never failed to complete his missions.

“I was afraid you’d say that,” mumbled the Alpha 350. “In that case we’ll need to land, and you can disembark manually.”

“Make it so,” said Lex crossing his arms over his chest imperiously.

“Um, shouldn’t you put some clothes on first?”

“What for?” asked Lex, his brow creasing. “I need to be nude to bond with my mate.”


“Yes, but you’ll need to find her first,” said the AI with a long-suffering sigh. “You can’t seriously think you can wander around naked and not be noticed. It’s bad enough your skin is blue, but a giant, naked blue male wandering around a human city is sure to get noticed.” Lex frowned. The computer had a valid point, one he should have realized had he not been so anxious to complete his mission. “I will dress myself while you locate a suitable landing area.”

“You do that.”

With what sounded suspiciously like muttering—something to the effect of big blue aliens with more brawn than brains—that Lex chose to ignore, the Alpha 350 revved the engines in preparation to penetrate the atmosphere surrounding the planet known in their database as Earth.

While the computer took care of the minor details involved with landing, Lex clothed himself in a silvery jumpsuit, the material specially made to adapt to all types of weather conditions. He added a pair of supple black boots to protect his feet, and just in case the inhabitants of this Earth proved hostile, he slid a dagger into a waist sheath and another into his boot.

Checking on their progress—still descending into the earth’s atmosphere—Lex pulled up a picture of his intended, Amanda Beckwith, a blonde, blue-eyed alien doll. The only image the AI had been able to find didn’t show her figure, but Lex sure hoped she sported a well-rounded shape like he’d asked for when selected by the Oracle to enter the ranks of the pair-bonded. It was considered a high honor in his society to be chosen to mate, even if the females had to be fetched from other planets. Arranged pair-mating was a necessary survival tactic forced on the males of his world to compensate for the lack of females in their society, a lack cruelly caused by a deadly virus that had decimated the female ranks many moon cycles ago.

Now, only the worthiest were chosen to help repopulate Xaanda, and Lex had acquitted himself well in battle for that honor. A decorated warrior, he’d finally achieved the reward for all his hard work and looked forward to the new life he would undertake with his biddable, if alien, wife.

“We’re almost there,” said the Alpha 350, interrupting his thoughts.

Lex strode down the corridors of the spacecraft to the exit hatch, the AI’s voice giving him last-minute instructions that he only partially listened to.

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