Alien Mate 3

By: Eve Langlais

Chapter One

“Congratulations. By decree of the oracle, I am here to announce that your accomplishments on behalf of your clan and our world have won you the highest honor. You are to be mated.”

Stunned, Reg gaped at the message bearer. Panic took root in his stomach and made him feel slightly ill at this unexpected and unwanted turn of events. He wanted to rail against the injustice. Plead for mercy. Then sanity prevailed along with a deep seated need for self-preservation. “Never.

Not happening. I’d rather get sucked into a black hole.” To punctuate his stubborn words, Reg crossed his arms and glared at messenger of bad news on the view screen.

The light blue face of the oracle’s attendant creased in puzzlement. “You are refusing the prestige of being chosen worthy enough to claim a mate?”

“That is correct. I have no interest in shackling myself to a female.” By his ancestors, he’d rather die first. Mating would mean no more space exploration and discovery. No more adventures. Binding himself to a female and, in turn, planet side was an abhorrent thought he refused to entertain.

“But—but—” The attendant seemed at a loss for words. “Your ancestors are already seeking your perfect match. No one ever says no. This is supposed to be your reward for all your hard work.”

“I am saying no and if you want to reward me, give me a raise. Now, if that is all, may I return to my current mission?” Flustered, the servant to the Oracle opened her mouth, probably to argue again, when suddenly, she disappeared. In her place, the veiled form of the Oracle herself, the spiritual leader for his people—a diminutive female who ruled the various clans with a titanium fist—appeared.

“First class warrior Reg’iantros Vel Veratu, have I heard correctly? Do you refuse the gift we bestow upon you?”

Reg was now the one caught off balance, face to face with the woman who had started and stopped wars. He ducked his head in respect, not daring to look her in the eye, or the veiled area he assumed hid her eyes. “Sorry, 1

Oracle, but the idea of settling down is repugnant to me. I appreciate the gift you would bless me with, but I would prefer to continue as I am.”

“I see.” Two simple words, which held a wealth of meaning—one he didn’t understand. The covered head of the Oracle tilted to one side and when she spoke again, Reg thought he heard mirth in her tone, impossible of course. The Oracle never joked, or so he assumed. “Very well then, we will pass the prestige on to another. Now, before you resume your mission, though, we require you to perform a small task. Nothing too taxing. We need you to divert from your current course and head instead to the orbit around the planet known as Earth. The ancestral spirits are asking that we rescue an earthling who is about to be killed by a stray asteroid. The ancestors claim she is excellent Xamian mate material and is to be protected until such time as a lucky male is chosen for her.”

Poor sap. Now that he’d slipped the noose of matrimony, Reg felt sorry for others caught in the trap. As to the mission, it seemed simple enough, if odd. “Why do her people not save her themselves?”

“They find themselves in quandary as the female in question is in a vessel orbiting their planet and they cannot reach her before the asteroid hits and destroys the habitat in which she currently resides.”

“How can they have achieved space travel and not mastered rudimentary space protection?” asked Reg baffled.

“They’ve evolved differently than our own people no matter our physical similarities. Now, will you rescue the woman?”

“Sure, just send me the coordinates.” Any excuse to stay in space longer was welcome. Besides, he was curious about the earthling. He’d seen a few from afar on his home planet on his few visits and they’d appeared exotic to him with their pale, almost pink skin.

“Excellent.” The Oracle seemed well pleased with herself and, once again, Reg could have sworn he heard laughter in her voice when she signed off saying, “Good luck with your new mission.” Reg didn’t need luck. As a first class space warrior, he never failed in his duty and his skills were without compare. Rescuing a female in distress would be simple.

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