By: J.J. Lusty

The Capture Games One


~ Leon ~

I know everything about Courtney, her timetable, when she comes down here to stay at her little beach house for the weekend.


I know that she likes to walk through the bush up to Tom Saunders’ hut, and I know when she gets there, she likes to take out her Kindle—and fuck knows what she reads—but pretty soon she tugs down her cute panties and fingers her sweet looking cunt like she’s got a heart in that fat little nub and she’s doing CPR.

She’s noisy, too. I can’t wait to have her licking my dick because if she’s loud when she diddles herself, she’ll be like a boombox on my cock. And if it gets too much, if the noise starts to piss me off—which I’m sure it won’t—I’ll simply shove my fat dick all the way down her throat until she’s quiet.

She doesn’t even know I exist. But I know all about her. I’ve watched her from across the room at the fancy cocktail parties I can tell she hates attending. Courtney’s a good actor, though, schmoozing and smiling like it’s the highlight of her week. I hate the way the sleazeballs stare down the front of her skin-tight cocktail dresses, chatting to her tits like she left her head on the passenger seat of her car. Travis had to take my arm and steer me out of the function on Tuesday night because I was about to rip some guy’s head off.

The jerk had his hand on her shoulder, his thumb brushing her neck. I could tell she hated it, put up with it because he was the fucking hotshot from LA, invited to Auckland by some government department keen to prove to him that New Zealand is the place where his film studio should be having the animation and visual FX work created.

Courtney wanted to impress him, prove to him her company couldn’t be beaten in talent, creativity or price. I was close by when my little charmer even hinted at the prospect of awards, ticking off the list of box office hits her company was involved with like she was saying the alphabet.

When it comes to Courtney I’ve really done my homework. My friend Travis and I have stalked the fuck out of her, and she hasn’t got a clue about what we’ve been up to.

Courtney’s a clever businesswoman, but she’s not clever enough to stay out of my clutches. When I pounce, she won’t know what’s hit her. Thinking about the way she’ll fight makes my cock fill, but I’m confident she’ll thank me in the end. On her knees. I’ll make sure of that, and I’ll also make sure that she knows she’s mine.

I love her size. Short but not too petite. Everything about Courtney is round and lush, and she’s fit, too. That little snatch of hers will be soft heat and a really tight fucking fit for me to work my cock into. No doubt she’ll complain that it’s too much for her to take, but I’ll show her she can do it.

Now I’m putting months of planning into action. I’ve rented the house next door to her for the weekend, which was just so easy it was as though somebody up there was easing my path. The house is a beach holiday let, and being that this is a regular weekend in the early summer, there is no demand on the vacancy.

I paid cash and asked for the place to be unlocked before I arrived. Sorry, Courtney, but I’m untraceable.

She didn’t even notice me when she pulled up, and now I’m watching the routine she goes through, unlocking the doors of her little old house, skipping down the back steps to turn on the access tap at the water tank, then bending over to switch on the water pump. She hasn’t changed from her city clothes, and the tight little skirt stretches across her ass and gives me a peep of her creamy thighs.

My dick hits the front of my board shorts and I palm the bulge.

All for you, sweet Courtney, fat, hard and ready to plunder every hole.

I’m desperate to fist my cock and tug one out, but I’m keeping it for her so that when I blow my load, there will be gallons of cum to fill her throat, her tight little cunt, the narrow tunnel of her ass, and all over her tits and face.

Travis is going to help me. Fuck, she’ll die when she sees his cock. Mine’s a good size, but he’s obscenely massive…a freak. That girl doesn’t know the trouble she’s in, and the more she fights us, the harder for her we’ll fucking get.