An Act of Salvation (Acts of Honor #2)(2)

By: K.C. Lynn



Ten years later

I storm toward the small house vibrating with music; furious about the phone call I received ten minutes ago from Scotty Drummond.

I am going to spank that girl’s ass red.

My cock twitches at the thought, which only jacks my anger up another notch. What the hell is she thinking? She knows better. Both Kolan and I told her not to go anywhere near Brett’s party, but does she fucking listen?


She never listens to a goddamn thing we say.

I pull my phone from my pocket, checking to see if Kolan has responded yet. When I see he still hasn’t I send him another text.

Where the fuck are you? You need to call me back, now. It’s about your sister.

Who knows where he is or what he’s doing. For the last few months I feel like I don’t even know my best friend anymore. The fucker is getting caught up in shit he shouldn’t be. It started with the street fighting, something he does to make extra money, which is fine, he’s good at it and can handle himself but then he got hooked up with some asshole who’s a known dealer. I hate to think he’s doing that shit, he told me he wasn’t but I’m not stupid. I lived with a fucking junkie. I know when someone is high, and the last time I saw him he was on something. But good luck arguing with that fucker; he’s as stubborn as his sister. All of it gives me a damn headache.

I think about the acceptance letter I got the other day. The thought of getting out of here and doing what I’ve wanted to do—what I’ve worked my ass off for—should feel good, but instead I feel guilt. Guilt of not only leaving Pop behind, the one person who took me in when no one else wanted me, but also Kolan and Katelyn. They’re the only people I’ve let myself form any kind of relationship with since I was six years old. Through the years I thought I kept myself detached from them enough, but apparently not because the first thing I thought about was how my leaving would affect them—especially Katelyn.

I can’t pinpoint the moment things changed between us. One minute she was this annoying yet cute little girl who followed Kolan and me around everywhere, to growing up and becoming a walking bombshell, turning guys’s heads whenever she walked past. It drives Kolan and me fucking crazy—me for a whole different reason than him. I feel like shit for breaking the friend code and having constant thoughts of my best friend’s younger sister with her legs wrapped around my hips while I drive into her but she doesn’t make it easy. Especially when her attraction is apparent, tempting me every chance she gets. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore.

It’s not only because of my loyalty to Kolan. If I were a different guy then I would give in to the temptation and give her everything she deserves, but I’m not that guy and I never will be. I can’t be who she needs. This is why I need to take the opportunity I’ve been granted and go to Quantico, the FBI academy in Virginia. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a cop, and I busted my ass through college to get here. I’m the only person Pop has but even he wants me to accept.

I know what I need to do, but having to leave the people in my life behind is fucking hard. I’m mad I allowed myself to get this attached when I know better.

There are a few people out on the lawn as I approach the house, but none of them are the girl I’m looking for.

Scotty comes running out of the front door when he spots me. “Hey, man,” he greets nervously, knowing I’m pissed.

“Where is she?” I ask, storming past him.

“In the living room dancing, but I should warn you—”

I don’t wait to hear what he has to say; I run up the stairs and barge through the front door. Smoke and the smell of beer immediately impale my nostrils. Through the thick cloud and crowded bodies I spot her, shaking her ass just like Scotty said. My dick hardens at the sight of her in the short jean skirt and tight tank top clinging to her like second skin.

Fury settles in place of my lust when I see Brett fucking Stryker grind against her. I plow through the crowded bodies, pushing past three different chicks who try and stop me to talk. In the midst of the chaos, Katelyn’s warm chocolate eyes find mine, sending that familiar punch to my gut, as always. They flare in shock and something else, something I don’t want to label. Her chin lifts in defiance, as if ready to fight a battle.

Get ready, baby, because you’re not winning this one.

“Nick, what a surprise to see you here. Decided to come party with the high school kids tonight?” she asks with a sassy smile.

I grind my teeth at her casual greeting. She knows exactly why I’m here and I’m not in the mood to play her games. “Let’s go.” I grab her arm firmly and start pulling her through the crowd.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” She rips out of my grasp. “I’m not going anywhere.”

I move into her space, her sweet scent masking the overwhelming stench of the party. She visibly swallows, looking as nervous as she should. “Do not fuck with me right now. Get your ass out of this house or I’ll fucking carry you out!”

Also By K.C. Lynn

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