An Act of Salvation (Acts of Honor #2)(3)

By: K.C. Lynn

Her eyes spark with anger, indicating this is about to turn into a battle. That’s until Brett steps in front of her, trying to act like a big guy when he’s nothing more than a stupid bastard who’s about to get his ass kicked. “If she says she ain’t going, then she ain’t going. Now get the fuck out of my house.”

“You better back away from her, Stryker, before I knock your ass out.”

There’s no denying the fear in his eyes, he knows not to fuck with Kolan or me, most people in this town do, but the ballsy motherfucker decides to press his luck. With a smirk he slings an arm around her shoulders. “What are you going to do, huh? You gonna—”

Grabbing his arm, I twist it back until I hear a crack.

“Ow, fuck!” he howls.

Keeping it in the painful hold, I grab the back of his neck and bend down close to his ear. “You’re as stupid as you look. We warned you once about her, you know better. Touch her again and I will break your other arm. Got it?”

When he doesn’t respond, my grip on his neck tightens.

“Yes! Fuck, okay!”

I release him with a shove, sending him crashing into the coffee table. I turn back to Katelyn and see her already storming out of the front door. I haul ass and catch up to her in the front yard. My fingers wrap around her arm but she rips out of my grasp and spins around, looking more pissed than I’ve ever seen her.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” she snaps.

“Me? What the hell is the matter with you? We told you not to go anywhere near this party, but do you fucking listen? No, you never do!”

“Because I am not a damn dog that you and my brother can order around. I have the right to hang out with my friends. You had no business storming in there and embarrassing me like that.”

“I wouldn’t have come at all if you had fucking listened to what we said.”

“I’m not a child,” she snaps. “When are you guys going to get it through your heads?” Turning, she storms off, bypassing my truck.

“Katelyn, come back here and get in the fucking truck!”

Instead of following the order, she flips me off and continues walking. With a frustrated growl I let my head roll back on my shoulders and dig for patience. Knowing she isn’t going to listen I decide to follow behind her. I try really hard not to notice how good her cowgirl boots compliment her long, smooth legs. Legs that I dream about wrapped around my waist while I’m fucking us both into oblivion.

Sensing my pursuit she turns back, her eyes dark and narrowed. “Stop following me!”

“I wouldn’t have to follow you if you would get in the fucking truck and let me drive you.”

“I don’t want to be anywhere near you right now.”

“Well too bad, sweetheart, you’re stuck with me until your ass is home and I know it’s staying there.”

Or at least until Kolan gets home…wherever the hell he is.

“Gah!” She screeches in frustration before bending down and taking off her boots. I frown, thinking they’re hurting her feet or some shit until she whips one at me, hitting me right in the fucking chest. “You are such an asshole, you know that?” She throws the other one but this time I’m prepared and catch it, which pisses her off even more. She continues on to her house in bare-ass feet.

Shaking my head I follow after her, carrying the fucking boots. I should leave them behind, that would teach her to throw them at me, but of course I don’t. It would be a shame to throw away something that looks so good on her.

We walk most of the way in silence, except for her mumbling shit I can’t quite catch. I hear a few more ‘assholes’ and ‘pricks’, but I continue to ignore them. As long as she goes home and is safe then she can call me whatever the hell she wants.

As we approach her driveway I notice Kolan still isn’t back.

Damn it!

She comes to a sudden halt and turns on me; her long, brown locks tangling around her pissed off face as she points her finger at me. “You had no right to come there and embarrass me like that.” Her tone is furious but her eyes are lit with pain and it makes me feel like shit. The last thing I want is for her to hurt, but unfortunately that’s how it’s been most of her life, no matter how hard Kolan and I tried stopping it.

My guilt dissipates when I think about what could have happened to her there, especially at the hands of that asshole Brett. The entire thought makes me see red. Grabbing her wrist, I pull her in closer and ignore her sweet scent that beckons me. “Why can’t you understand this is for your own good? We aren’t doing this to be assholes; we are doing it for your protection. Brett is—”

“This has nothing to do with Brett,” she screams. “This has to do with me hanging out with my friends and having fun before finishing our last week of high school. You completely humiliated me, Nick, and I’ll never forget it.” She rips away from me and heads to the back door.

I don’t hesitate to follow her inside. “If it had nothing to do with Brett then why the fuck were his hands all over you when I walked in?”

Also By K.C. Lynn

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