An Act of Salvation (Acts of Honor #2)(4)

By: K.C. Lynn

She throws her hands up. “He’d just come up behind me when you came storming in like a bat out of hell. And so what? He was only dancing with me.”

I grunt. She was dancing; he was trying to put his fucking hands where they don’t belong. The dirty fucker is lucky I didn’t cut them off.

“What the hell do you care anyway?” she asks. “It’s really none of your business what I do. I can dance, talk, or fuck whoever I please.”

I tense, my body wound tight with a dangerous rage at the thought. Now I’m the one to point my finger at her. “Knock that shit off, you haven’t been with anyone and we both know it.”

Kolan and I both watch her like a hawk, no way would something like that slip past us. And no way would Kolan let some loser in here. Unless he wasn’t home…

The entire thought makes me violent.

She shakes her head with a bitter laugh. “God, you are so arrogant. What did you think, Nick? That I would wait forever for you?” She brings up the one thing I’ve avoided talking about. “I refuse to wait anymore for someone who will never give themselves to me but fuck every other girl in town. You’re out of your damn mind to think otherwise. For all you know I could have screwed the entire football team at East Bridge High.” She steps closer, having no idea the dangerous territory she’s walking into right now. “And it wouldn’t be any of your business. You may not want me but that doesn’t mean no one else does. So take your self-righteous bullshit and shove it up your ass.” She stalks to her bedroom, thinking this conversation is over when it’s far fucking from it.

Within a few strides I catch up to her, just inside the room, then swing her around and back her against the wall. She inhales sharply as her personal space becomes mine.

“Look at me!” Grasping her chin I force her gaze to mine. “Look me in the fucking eyes and tell me the truth.”

I have no right to demand this of her and I know it, but the thought of someone else touching her—taking her—has me losing all common sense.

With a visible swallow she remains silent, but her expression says it all.

I knew she was full of shit.

My hand moves from her chin to thread in her soft hair while I snake my other arm between us. A gasp leaves her as my fingers graze the inside of her silky thigh, working their way up to paradise.

“Tell me the truth, baby, did someone have this?” I ask, cupping the sweet spot between her legs.

“Nick.” Her head drops back against the wall, my name falling from her lips with a sexy moan.

“Answer me, Katelyn, has someone else had this?”

Biting her lip she shakes her head, giving me the answer I already knew but wanted to hear her say. “No, not yet, but I won’t wait forever. I’m eighteen in a few days. I refuse to wait any longer for someone who doesn’t want me,” she whispers, tears brimming her big brown eyes.

The sight of her pain has me withdrawing my hand and deflating against her, my lips resting at her hairline. “Jesus, you have no idea how wrong you are. No idea how much I want you.” I’m not sure who’s more shocked at the admission, her or me, but I know I can’t avoid this conversation any longer. It needs to be had. “But I can’t. We can’t.”

“Why? Because of your friendship with Kolan?” she asks sadly.

“That’s some of it but not all.”

“Then what?”

“I can’t be what you need. I…I can’t give you forever and that’s what you deserve.”

Her fingers clutch my shirt as her breath hitches with emotion. She knows what I’m saying is true, she knows enough about me to understand I can’t give it to her. I can’t give it to anyone.

“Then give me tonight.”

I tense at her whispered words. “Don’t,” I grit, my voice gruff. “Don’t say shit like that to me. I only have so much control. Especially when it comes to you.”

I feel her look up at me, but I keep my gaze on the wall above her, avoiding eye contact. If I look into those soulful eyes of hers, I’ll be fucking done for.

“I’m completely serious, Nick. I know you can’t give me forever but you could give me tonight.” Her soft hand finds its way under my shirt, coasting over my abs, and it makes my already hard dick jerk in response. “For tonight, give me the one thing I’ve always wanted but never had…you.”

My jaw locks down in restraint, a war battling inside of me. I shake my head, trying to do the right thing. “You deserve to be with someone who can give you more than one night.” The words sear me like a hot blade as I say them, because the thought of anyone else touching her fucking guts me, but I know that’s not fair. I know she deserves someone to give her more and it won’t ever be me, no matter how much I wish otherwise.

“My first time should be with someone I love and trust. I’ve loved you since I was eleven years old. I trust you more than any other person, besides my brother.”

Even though her words don’t surprise me they still have fear snaking up my spine.

Also By K.C. Lynn

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