An Infamous Marriage

By: Susanna Fraser

Northumberland, 1815

At long last, Britain is at peace, and General Jack Armstrong is coming home to the wife he barely knows. Wed for mutual convenience, their union     unconsummated, the couple has exchanged only cold, dutiful letters. With no more wars to fight, Jack is ready to attempt a peace treaty of his own.

Elizabeth Armstrong is on the warpath. She never expected fidelity from the husband she knew for only a week, but his scandalous exploits have made her the object of pity for years. Now that he’s back, she has no intention of sharing her bed with him—or providing him with an heir—unless he can earn her forgiveness. No matter what feelings he ignites within her...

Jack is not expecting a spirited, confident woman in place of the meek girl he left behind. As his desire intensifies, he wants much more than a marriage in name only. But winning his wife’s love may be the greatest battle he’s faced yet.

Dear Reader,

Exciting things happen in November. It’s the month we first     announced the creation of Carina Press, the month of my Harlequin employment     anniversary and it’s the month when we in the U.S. get     gorge-yourself-on-bad-carbs-and-turkey day (otherwise known as Thanksgiving). We     also get Black Friday (I think they call it that because of the color of your     bruises after you’ve been run over by crazy shoppers).

This November, we’re excited to release our first Carina     Press book in trade print format. The Theory of         Attraction, an erotic BDSM romance collection featuring novellas from     Delphine Dryden, Christine d’Abo and Jodie Griffin, is on shelves and available     for order online.

We also have fourteen new stories in digital for you to enjoy     post-turkey coma, in that long, long line outside the mall on Black Friday or,     if neither of those is your thing, to enjoy just because you like a good book!     Try to avoid the crime and violence of some of those crazy holiday shoppers and     enjoy some on-page suspense instead. Marie Force is back with her popular Fatal     series and ongoing protagonists Nick and Sam, in her next romantic suspense,         Fatal Deception. Also returning is author Shirley     Wells with Dying Art, the next Dylan Scott     mystery.

I’m happy to introduce debut author Jax Garren’s new trilogy,     which kicks off this month with How Beauty Met the         Beast. This novella grabbed my attention when I read it on     submission, with off-the-charts sexual tension, a wonderful, character-driven     futuristic world, a smart, sassy heroine and a tortured, scarred hero who yearns     for nothing more than to keep the woman he’s secretly falling in love with     safe.

Looking for something out-of-this-world to take you away from     the pre-holiday madness? J.L. Hilton offers up her next cyberpunk     science-fiction romance, Stellarnet Prince,     continuing the adventures of futuristic blogger extraordinaire Genny. Meanwhile,     Cáit Donnelly’s Now You See It gives a paranormal     edge to a thrilling romantic suspense, while erotic fantasy romance Dark Dealings by Kim Knox is guaranteed to give you     that “take me away” feeling.

Joining Kim with erotic romance releases this month are Jodie     Griffin with her next Bondage & Breakfast novella, Forbidden Desires, and Lynda Aicher’s first of a BDSM trilogy, Bonds of Trust. All three books in this trilogy are     both smokin’ hot, while delivering a wonderful, captivating story.

We have two authors with male/male releases this month,     including L.B. Gregg’s contemporary romance Men of         Smithfield: Adam and Holden. Also in the male/male niche, author     Libby Drew has her first Carina Press release, paranormal male/male     romance 40 Souls to Keep.

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