An Outlaw Wedding

By: Jenika Snow

The Grizzly MC, 7

Author’s Note

This novella is a look into the lives of The Grizzly MC after the epilogue in the sixth and final book of the series. It focuses on the children of the members of the club. Although it can be read as a standalone, it is highly suggested that you read the previous Grizzly MC books to better know the characters, their lives, and the world they live in.


Family holidays were not something the members of The Grizzly MC had much experience with, at least not before they had found their old ladies, and had families with those incredible, strong women. Now, several years after each member of the MC had their women and had children, they celebrated religiously. But Jagger assumed it had a lot to do with the guys finally settling down. He wouldn’t use the word pussy-whipped, not anymore at least, but what he would use was the term “hopelessly devoted”.

He sat around the card table with Drevin, Dallas, and Diesel. He had a straight, but even a hand as good as that couldn’t draw his focus away from Sonya, his woman and the one person who could calm the wild ass grizzly he harbored inside. The animal was a possessive fucker when it came to her and his children, but even though Sonya was a human, and so much smaller than he was, she could put his stubborn ass in its place with just a look.

They were at the clubhouse, and although most people might not think that was the best place for babies, it was the safest bet all around, and the only place where Jagger felt comfortable having his woman and children when everyone got together. He knew his brothers felt the same way. He might be a protective motherfucker, but so was every other member crammed into the room right now.

Sonya was over by Darra, Hope, Maggie, and Lilly. Sonya was holding their newest son, Cain, while their twin boys, Lucas and Nico, were running around with Diesel’s sons, Jakob and Bodhi, and Court’s son, Mason. Dallas was the only Grizzly who didn’t have any sons yet, but he was content with his two little girls, and Jagger was pretty sure Hope was more than thrilled that she could doll them up. But their oldest daughter, Tarren, could play just as hard as the boys did. Jagger knew that little girl would grow up to be just as tough as her biker father. Jagger started laughing when he looked over at Brick holding his toddler daughter, Alexis, and looking down at his son, Odin, whom he held on his lap with his other arm. It was funny, but also fucking incredible to see a dark bastard like Brick look down upon his children with this gentle demeanor.

“Look at that,” Drevin said and pointed over to Nico. “Damn, dude, he sure as hell is your kid. Look at him trying to pick her up.”

Jagger sat up straighter and watched the other half of his two year old twins walk over to Brick’s little girl. Alexis was a few months older than Nico and Lucas, but his boys took after him in that they were big as fuck, and would be well over six feet tall when it was all said and done. But then again they were bear shifters—all of the children were in fact—and that meant they were not of average height or strength. And although the women of their kind couldn’t actually shift, they still had that wild animal DNA moving through them and could be just as stubborn as any of their male counterparts. Jagger had no doubt that these Grizzly girls would rip a man’s balls off and toss them over a cliff if they fucked with them. That thought and image had him grinning. Stinger was over by Molly and their new son, Ben. Their three year old daughter, Lina, ran around with Dakota, who was shaping up to be one big boy. His father, Malice, might be human, but he was a hulk.

Brick turned and watched Nico approach, and then Jagger saw when Brick noticed the toy truck Nico held out for Alexis. The little girl burrowed her head against Brick’s chest, and her short dark hair fanned over the Sergeant at Arms’s chest. Brick narrowed his eyes a bit, but Jagger could tell it was in that curious way a father would do to an approaching boy—even ones as young as their children were. Jagger couldn’t hear what his boy was saying, but Alexis’s face lit up, and her eyes, which were as dark as her father’s, widened. She reached out for the truck Nico handed out to her. They said a few things to each other, and Brick looked over at Jagger and narrowed his eyes further. His nostrils flared, and he shook his head as if annoyed. Nico walked away, but Jagger called him over. He picked up his son and set him on his lap.

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